Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Chinese Year of the Ox!! ..and a competition/giveaway

At the weekend, the Chinese welcomed in the year of the Ox!

Celebrations for the Chinese New Year are always very colourful !!

(Personally,I think it should have been the Year of the Box...cos I am always altering them!!)

But Ox it is..and here's a little snippet of info, before I launch into a fun competition and very small giveaway...

Year of the Ox - 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033, 2045

The ox is said to be sedulous, simple, honest, and straightforward.

Fractious people are said to have an 'oxen temper'.
People born in this year are probably honest, laborious, patient, obstinate, and poor at communication.

So there!

Now for a bit of fun..(wait for this!!)

If you were asked to suggest a new subject for the Chinese New Year,what would be your idea..(i.e. mine is the Year of the Box.)

Doesn't have to be an animal cos I make the rules..!!

But it has to be funny! Hilarious even...you know what I mean!!

You'll win a Tag album..20 tags on a ring... 10 with an Oriental theme,10 plain.

And if you wish to peruse this, in order to see which delightful creature you resemble, just look for your birth year ...

(Good Luck!! )
Sal ;-)


thriftymrs said...

K/Gung hei fat choi!

Rosie said...

You always make me smile, Sal - have no idea about a new subject but in the imortal words of Lulu - 'I'm a Tiger' - thanks for cheering me up on such a grey day:)

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Chinese New Year Sal from an honest, laborious ox! I would like this year to be the year of tea and cake please

Margaret's Ramblings said...

What about the Year of the Recycle Bag. No more plastic bags, LOL, Margaret

Wild Rose said...

How about the Year of the Sloth! This weather does nothing to inspire activity or movement, so it seems quite appropriate.

Marie x

Kitty said...

My daughter is an Ox ... someone less patient you couldn't wish to meet - so that's not right!

Don't enter me in your giveaway thingy - I have giveaway guilt from winning too many recently.

I think there should be a Year of the Crafty so all us crafters could shine. ;-) x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Mr C is an ox! Hmmmm, if you look at my latest post it would have to be the Year Of The Tin....maybe that can come after Box?

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your header is always a bit behind the rest of your blog and when it pings into place it fills my computer screen with bright colours. I do so love your craft work Sal. Looking at your work then I think they could incorporate colours - this year could be a Pink Year, next year a Yellow Year.

April said...

I'm a dragon!

My suggestion - Year of the Cupcake - and people born in that sign would be sweet and sticky, naughty and wholesome all at the same time and so so pretty!

April xx

twiggypeasticks said...

Sal I would like to propose the year of the Fox, and have posters of David Tennant on every lamp post - the fox. Just going for a rest with a flannel on my head now, ok?
Twiggy x

LittleGem said...

Hiya Sal, please don't enter me for this as I have only just won your giveaway, but my year would be the year of flowers because everyone loves flowers! X

Simone said...

I propose the year of the Trumpet! Lets all blow our own trumpets this year!!! Oompah, oompah............!!!

galant said...

I am a Monkey! Well, aren't we all, but truly, this is what I am in the Chinese calendar.
As for what I suggest for a Year: The year of the Piggy Bank, because we are all going to need one, I fear!
Margaret Powling

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Don't know if I'm too late for this, but I thought I'd play anyway!

I am an ox too, which I hate. I would much rather be something glamorous and elusive like a snow leopard.

However, more realistically, I think I should belong to the year of the budgie. Domestic, a bit kitsch and twittering away to herself!