Thursday, 29 January 2009

Snippets or Doodles ?

I should be doing my GCSE English (Poems from other cultures!!) for my lessons... but my mind keeps wandering...and wondering!
I am seriously thinking of changing my blog name...I love the name Flora Doodles... so much!!
Or, if Flora Doodles is copyrighted..then Flora's Doodles is fine by me
So what do you think.. Flora's Doodles or Sal's Snippets ? LOL


The thing is, that this would drastically affect other things...take for instance dear Mr Snippets..would he like a change of name Mr Doodles ?
Where is that man when I need him most?
Ah I remember.
I can't ask him today as he is attending a funeral and so it is not the time or place to mention such trivia it?!
Or is it?
I mean, can you imagine him receiving a text right in the middle of, 'Ashes to ashes..etc..'Snippets or Doodles darling?'.
You can?
Hmmm I think I'll wait...and create.

I stuck these die cuts on to lolly sticks. I thought someone (goodness knows who!!)could maybe use them for seed labels..or anything else that takes your fancy.

Or just to pretty up a gloomy place.
(Should have given some to Mr Doodles/Snippets to take with him)

I found some red paper cups to enable me to use my new Flora Doodles ;-)

Simple prettiness.

And now to open my post...oh what a surprise!!

Time for a cuppa and a relax ;-)

The poetry can wait ;-)


funkymonkey said...

You call yourself whatever you like. You'll still be the same lovely Sal and we'll still come an visit whatever your blog name.


thriftymrs said...

Ooh great name.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Flora Doodles is lovely but Sal's Snippets is much more "you" cos you are always snipping & cutting & gluing! And Mr Snippets can't possibly have a name change - it would take the poor man years to adjust!

Your post about Flora Doodles sent me scurrying off to look on ebay & you guessed it, I had to buy some too!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi Flora Doodles - it can be your pseudonym! Another use for your pink pots would be as place markers at a spring dinner party. They would look lovely on a spring table - roast lamb new potatoes mint sauce and a flora-doodle place marker. What could be better?

Mr Snip Doodle said...

My Dearest Country Cottage Chic
I don't think a change of name would take me that long to adjust to
However if thriftymrs got her way I'd have adjust to more than a name and to learn to ride side saddle
At my auntie's funeral today I thought to myself well there's one box she won't be able to alter unless she is going to convert it to a window box full of Floras Doodles
As to the name change as long as I remain Sal's Mr then I don't mind what the rest of the name is

Shabby Chick said...

Hee hee, I see we have a newcomer among us! Hello Mr Snip Doodle :)

I think you should call your blog whatever you like Sal, if Flora's Doodles makes you happy then we'll all get used to it! I'm not sure about the name of mine but I don't know what else I'd call it either :-S

mel xxx

Hen said...

Humph, everyone has their Cath K catalogue except me (cue childish whining!)

Loving the flowery die-cuts, oh so cheerful. I love the name Flora but we're all used to Sal's Snippets now, and you are Sal, after all, so I'd rather you stuck to the same...

I think some of the flowery lollipops would look great on the grave, I'd be well chuffed if it was my grave...
Hen x

Margaret's Ramblings said...

I love Sal's Snippets but it's up to you, it's your blog, LOL. Margaret

this is my patch said...

I say stick with Sal's Snippets, as you are always taking a snip at something, be it cloth or paper! Now if you were starting an art blog, then I would choose Flora's Doodles. I think your plant markers are great, I have been meaning to do something similar for myself, another roundtuit job! x

Kitty said...

LOL at Mr Snip Doodle - why not be done with it and call him Mr Vasectomy Doodle?!

You could always call the blog 'Doodle Snippets' - that's quite cool, but like funkymonkey says - you'll still be Sal.

Thank goodness. x

Cowboys and Custard said...

I would miss the daily Snippets.. but have to say I also love that Flora Doodles.. as usual I am indecisive!

Does F Doodles mean that you will be scrawling all over any available piece of scrap paper with a biro from now on...?

Maybe I prefer Snippets after all... Sorry Sal.. I am no help at all am I!?


Rosie said...

Sal's Snippets is great but Flora Doodles is equally as good - whatever you decide you will still be the same Sal we all love to visit:)

LittleGem said...

Sal, I have recieved your wonderful pieces of fabric. Thankyou so much you are so generous. I am doing a blog post about them now. Thankyou so much xxx

cocoa and blankets said...

I always wanted to be called mistress pudding or princess titi haha...but then I am a little insane...I am supposed to be marking and have promised that I cant look at my Cath k catalogue till I have finished...and so am I I am blogging...

Alison Boon said...

I love Flora's doodles. Has such a nice sound to it.
But poems from other cultures still have to be done.

Doolallysally said...

Just noticed your blog from Mary Poppins and had to investigate as it seems such a coincidence. I'm Sal at doolallysally, middle name Elizabeth and I used to say on my title page : knitty bits and other snippets! Fancy that 'ey!! Are we related!! I love both your names, Flora Doodle is lovley too and your blog too btw! Love Sal x

Bobbie Lynn said...

I enjoy your blog. Always a treat!