Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank you so much darling, it's just what I wanted!

'It beats as it sweeps as it cleans' ;-)

I've been reading a book which I bought for 1p (and the usual £2.75 postage)
'The Good Housekeeping Christmas Book: The Best of "Good Housekeeping" at Christmas, 1922-62'

This advert jumped out at me!! So much so, I have to share it.

Oh yes, that's me, obviously! ;-)

Same here!

I'm non stop when it comes to the housework! ;-)

Well.. I used to be a busy mum! And my time is still well spent with youngsters.

Oh most definitely... I do seem to be becoming a little weary nowadays. Ouch! My back's playing up... again ;-)

Oh yes, never complaining and so, naturally, that has to be me.. and yes I do so want to cut time off the housework (in order to blog more...snigger!)

I'm sure you are all these things too?!

So here's what we all deserve, girls...your best Christmas present...

Did you catch that?

Here it is again...

Having thought long and hard, for about a nano second..

You know where I think he should stick that hoover?

And as for the you know what I'd do with that?

Answers in the comments section, please ;-)

(With utmost apologies to anyone who has requested a new hoover for Christmas..!)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas at its best! Totnes!!

How I ever battled through the crowds last night, I will never know!!
I don't often get an evening off and I don't often get a stinking cold either..the two decided to coincide..but as my mum often says, 'Bite the bullet!!'

Thankfully, we made it up the hill, to Amanda's lovely stall!

It's the one for which I always make a beeline !

Always a pleasure! I bought three super duper, pink, vintage, if didn't you know, it's the year of the vintage bauble!! ;-)

Amanda always has the time to spare, to chat and catch up with the news..she reads many of our blogs!

Talking of pleasures... 'This 'n That'...

The streets of Totnes were lined with stalls and if you love the Christmas markets, either here or abroad, then Totnes is up there with was wonderful! But packed!

And then there was the entertainment...what entertainment it was too!!

We found ourselves standing for what seemed forever, watching this band as they burst into song. Aptly positioned outside 'Animals in Distress, they burst into song with such lyrics which made us roar with laughter...they sang about 'Worms' and 'Christmas Turkeys', amongst other things and had their own unique style to entertain!


There's nothing like good, live street music ...(there's so much talent out there compared to the rubbish in the charts eh?!! Terry and Aled excepted of course!)

I wish you could have savoured the flavour of these musicians!

Meanwhile, at the other end of the town..these musicians 'blew me away' completely!!

What an evening! ;-)

(Maybe those responsible for the so called 'Victorian Evening' in Newton Abbot, this year, ought to visit Totnes for a few ideas.. and to see how something is done well!!)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

When things get you down..Go clean your kitchen!! ;-)

This morning, I woke in a bad mood ;-)
(I don't often have bad moods!)
My laptop gave up the ghost yesterday, the one on which I blog the most...and a laptop which I so loved.
Thankfully, my data was saved but the graphics card and screen have had it and therefore I have spent the day attempting to get to grips with a Mac....
I eventually became so frustrated that I cleaned and tidied the kitchen instead!;-)

And then took some photos...of things that are making me happy right now!

Not to be beaten,I returned to the Mac, learning to download the photos...but I found that I could not move them around, before publishing...any advice would be so welcome (as I am now back on my pc doing that).

I am such a busy lady, as you can see...and I can be doing without the grief!!

I suppose the moral of all this is.... that when things get you down...go clean your kitchen!! ;-)