Saturday, 22 November 2008

A Day to Remember! ;-)

What a day to remember!
Everyone was so lovely!
Thank you to my wonderful Mr Snippets for being there for me..he was a star.
Sometimes you just have to give your tongue a rest (in my case that is quite difficult!) and let the photos do the talking! ;-)
(And anyway, Hen has said it all on hers!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I love York!

I'm back, briefly!... And, needless to say, completely in love with York! ;-)

Completely in love with the beautiful Minster... my photos will never do justice to this wonderful cathedral. I was so much in awe. So lovely inside as well as out. (Just look at the sky whilst I was there!!)

Completely in love with the querky streets and alleyways...

The fabulous buildings...

...and shops

And I have not even started on the wonderful York National Railway Museum...

York is my sort of place..totally! I can't wait to go back! I adored this city. We sampled various coffee shops, tea rooms, inns. We also did Jorvik.

And I wanted to shout to all of my friends...

And... did anyone see the football results on Saturday!!

Yes, I was there....(top of the league now ! ;-) T'was cold but worth it!

Much more of York to come over the next week or two...but now to more important things..a WINNER!!

My friend's name is Carol..and the winner is Rosie :

Well done ! ;-)

And finally a big 'well done' to Nich, who got his MA results yesterday, whilst travelling back on the train from York...what's more... on his birthday!! ;-)