Friday, 24 October 2008

Henderson Cisz ...I love you!!

We drove to Torquay, this morning. I am so glad that we did!! ;-)
I have to say that Torquay is not really one of my favourite places in South Devon but we wanted to visit a gallery, which is situated near the harbour.
The reason for visiting this gallery was a huge space on our newly decorated lounge wall!
So there we are, in this gallery (called Triton), admiring the art of a certain..Henderson Cisz.
Henderson Cisz is a Brazilian who paints the most fabulous city scenes and many of his most inspirational works feature scenes from the world’s most beautiful cities...



And.... I did say the world's most beautiful cities? (wait for this!)

There it was, dear Mr Snippets spotted it hanging there...a Henderson Cisz limited edition of the world's most beautiful cities...

Can you guess?

Go on guess!!

Give up?



My photo does not do this justice at all!

You see, we did not want the frame in which it was displayed.(fine for the gallery but not for our lounge) so we bought it unframed and dashed back to downtown Newton Abbot to 'Frames and Boxes' and it was only then, when we were told that it would take a week, that I realised that I needed a photo for the blog! But I will display it again, properly, in all its glory, next week.

It is such a fabulous, large painting and I can't wait until next Friday morning , when you will all be invited to the 'Hanging Ceremony' LOL ;-)

Our lounge, 11 ish... coffee and cake provided.

See you there.... and in the meantime...have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Unfinished business!

I have so many things unfinished at the moment. Unfinished projects, unfinished reading etc etc. So today I declare the rest of the week to be , 'Finishing Off' week'!
By the end of the week, it'll be me that'll be finished off, that's for sure.
Task one, my clipboards. I am loving making these but they still need finishing touches.
As do my paper bag albums!
Then there are the altered tins!
My calico bag..which has taken two craft mornings plus today's session will be three and I am nowhere near finished...(my mum is romping ahead with hers! I've had to find another one for her to start as I know that she will arrive today with a finished article. )
And if that isn't enough, there are these breathing down my neck, cracking the whip, as if to say, 'For goodness sake get a move on.'

And the mess and the muddle!! Especially my work desk.I daren't show you all of it!

Here I am, dancing around my desk, taking a quick breather!

Is anyone else the same? Too many unfinished tasks?