Friday, 24 October 2008

Henderson Cisz ...I love you!!

We drove to Torquay, this morning. I am so glad that we did!! ;-)
I have to say that Torquay is not really one of my favourite places in South Devon but we wanted to visit a gallery, which is situated near the harbour.
The reason for visiting this gallery was a huge space on our newly decorated lounge wall!
So there we are, in this gallery (called Triton), admiring the art of a certain..Henderson Cisz.
Henderson Cisz is a Brazilian who paints the most fabulous city scenes and many of his most inspirational works feature scenes from the world’s most beautiful cities...



And.... I did say the world's most beautiful cities? (wait for this!)

There it was, dear Mr Snippets spotted it hanging there...a Henderson Cisz limited edition of the world's most beautiful cities...

Can you guess?

Go on guess!!

Give up?



My photo does not do this justice at all!

You see, we did not want the frame in which it was displayed.(fine for the gallery but not for our lounge) so we bought it unframed and dashed back to downtown Newton Abbot to 'Frames and Boxes' and it was only then, when we were told that it would take a week, that I realised that I needed a photo for the blog! But I will display it again, properly, in all its glory, next week.

It is such a fabulous, large painting and I can't wait until next Friday morning , when you will all be invited to the 'Hanging Ceremony' LOL ;-)

Our lounge, 11 ish... coffee and cake provided.

See you there.... and in the meantime...have a lovely weekend!


Kitty said...

Beautiful paintings! I have a close friend who lives in Torquay - she doesn't like it much either! x

Ken Tribhumpkin said...

Moi missus is always bloggin - Frum cock crow till loights out - Bloggin this bloggin that
Wull oi thoight oi'd take a look-see when er back wuz turned loike
This yer snippets plaace is quoite pretty innit?
The crafty bits is too prissy for moi tastes loike but oi do loike them there picshurs
Noice for you to get that there Exeketer Cathedrul one but which one Cisz

Hen said...

Champagne, surely, Sal?!
Have a good weekend.

Hen x

thriftymrs said...

Goodness me those paintings are beautiful.

summerfete said...

Gotta love art!!!

Cocoa and blankets said...

oooooh I love the paris one...
Love H

Isobel said...

Nice paintings, I love the first London one.
You did well, I would have done the same if I found a nice picture like that of my town.
Have a great weekend!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Love the photos of the paintings you took and you have been very busy in your craft room. Good for you. Have a nice weekend too.

Josie-Mary said...

Bet you got really excited when you saw the Exeter one!! I do like them, remember when they had a gallery in Exeter?? I like the London ones best.
I see you like Miss Read books - I've near met anyone who likes those. I have loads, I think they're really lovely - takes you back to a nicer age. I would love to live there :) x

Ragged Roses said...

Looking forward to the private view!!! What wonderful paintings, they have a real vintagey feel to them don't they. They remind me of something and I can't remember what, something from an old book I've got, will have a rummage and let you know! Fantastic that you found one for your lounge/ Take care

this is my patch said...

I really like the red this artist uses in his paintings. I must say one would look rather lovely in my lounge too. I would have loved to have been at the unveiling, but I am at work! x

Alison Boon said...

I loved the photos

the flour loft said...

What a find! i love the movement and colours in the paintings. Is he a current painter?.. they look almost 1960's in feel.
Can't wait to see it framed up in it's glory.
Happy Sunday Sal!
with love
Ginny xx

Petticoat Lane said...

When I was looking through all the paintings I was actually thinking I wonder if he has painted Exeter at all? and then there it was!!! You must have been SO excited.
I shall be there with bells on to see it displayed in all its glory..
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, you're right, I shall not let it bother me, I sometimes get myself all worked up for no reason and I know I shouldn't!
Jane. xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Gorgeous artwork!!! I do believe I have seen this work before and always loved the simplicity and colors.

Thank you for sharing!


Amy said...

I loved seeing all those wonderful paintings! You are so lucky to have such art. It will be special when you hang the beauty in your home :)

Rosie said...

I haven't heard of this artist before so thanks for introducing him to me. I love his paintings.

Rosie said...

What wonderful, colourful paintings - I too had never heard of Henderson Cisz so thank you for the introduction. Your cathedral painting is lovely and very soon now it will be framed and gracing your lounge with its presence.

Tilly Rose said...

Thanks Sal for commenting on myorn and blog, I was actually born in and grew up in Exeter and yeah I agree it is a great city, not too sure on the whole new shopping things I prefer the more individual stores than loads of chain shops.
I to love scrapbooking and also do quite alot of home decor using scrapbooking materials. I get most of my stuff from QVC and love K & Co. Will keep watching your blog for other posts.
Take Care