Thursday, 9 October 2008

What a Darling...and... HERE'S A COMPETITION!!

Gold star to 'The Sun' today! ;-)
Because, in times like this, it's best to laugh - the alternative being to slit one's wrists and I can't do that as I have a VINTAGE AND HANDMADE FAIR to attend..soonish!!
(How to link Alistair Darling with the V&H fair in one easy move!!) LOL.;-)
So the devil in me has come out today, it's a lovely day here in Devon and time for a laugh!
(I would like to add that 'The Sun' is not my regular read but some kind person sent me the pic !)
But hey, this is nothing compared to the good old days of Spitting Image!!
Who remembers it...and how did they get away with all that ridicule?
It was outrageous and funny, a satirical puppet show featuring caricatures of politicians, actors, Royals and celebrities.
Noone was safe!
So here is a little, competition ; I'll rummage around for a small prize!
Just name the following and put your answers on here, with your comments.


3. Three names here,please...



7.Two names..who is portaying who?

That's it! Good luck and remember to ..keep laughing!!


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Fabulous Fabric..and fabulous buttons..for fabulous Tuesday!

Inspired by Alice and Ginny's wonderful book, and as it was my turn to organise our craft get together today, what better than to decorate a plain , cotton bag!!

(You can always tell my efforts as I love bright reds and pinks)

We need another week at these and hopefully the finished products will be featured here next Tuesday!!

(I just hope that we don't all go out shopping together, as we'll look like some sort of secret clan!)

What's more, now we are four ! If word gets around I will need to hire a hall..LOL!

Thank you Alice and's a fab book, admired by all today.

Talking of fab crafty things, recently,I discovered the most gorgeous packs of buttons!!

Finally, just to say that Nich has left Amsterdam behind and is now in Berlin.

'The sobbing woman of the house', (as I am now nicknamed) , is as well as can be expected.