Thursday, 9 October 2008

What a Darling...and... HERE'S A COMPETITION!!

Gold star to 'The Sun' today! ;-)
Because, in times like this, it's best to laugh - the alternative being to slit one's wrists and I can't do that as I have a VINTAGE AND HANDMADE FAIR to attend..soonish!!
(How to link Alistair Darling with the V&H fair in one easy move!!) LOL.;-)
So the devil in me has come out today, it's a lovely day here in Devon and time for a laugh!
(I would like to add that 'The Sun' is not my regular read but some kind person sent me the pic !)
But hey, this is nothing compared to the good old days of Spitting Image!!
Who remembers it...and how did they get away with all that ridicule?
It was outrageous and funny, a satirical puppet show featuring caricatures of politicians, actors, Royals and celebrities.
Noone was safe!
So here is a little, competition ; I'll rummage around for a small prize!
Just name the following and put your answers on here, with your comments.


3. Three names here,please...



7.Two names..who is portaying who?

That's it! Good luck and remember to ..keep laughing!!



April said...

OK - here goes-

1 - The Queen
2 - Margaret Thatcher
3 - Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles & Princess Diana
4 - Pope John Paul II
5 - Bill Clinton
6 - Gary Lineker
7 - Michael Heseltine as Hannibal Lecter (I think!)

April xx

Jeff Tracey said...

I could despair
I wish my wife had given birth to Pinnochio instead
If I had known he had money to burn I would have got Brains to make him a gadget
As his brothers often say
F - A - B
(Financial Advising Barsteward)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Maybe Mr Darling would be a darling and do the honours of opening our V & H Fair... There will be a lot of people who'd like to talk to him !!!!
Right..putting my money on..
1.Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
2.Margaret Thatcher ..Bless her!
3.The Duchess of Cornwall.. formerly.. Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana
4.Pope John Paul II
5.Bill Clinton
6.Gary Lineker.. official Walker's Crisps mascot
7.Not sure about this one..Could be Mr Hesletine with that hairline.. but I keep thinking Charlie Drake.. though he was long gone before Spitting Image..I think it is Margaret Thatcher again crossed with Hannibal Lecter.. having a bad hair day!
There.. done!

Alchamillamolly said...

On at work so have to be quick as I only have 20 mins - ta for visiting me - I have had my tray for about 18 years and it was lovely finding things for it

Amy said...

I am enjoying my visit to your blog. These images of people are too funny!!!! I can name quite a few yet not all.
I love the colorful flower creations shown in the previous posts too.

Kitty said...

Oh how I loved Spitting Image. I can still remember the scene with Mrs T (in full pinstripe suit) sitting in a restaurant with her cabinet. The waitress asked what she'd like, she said 'I'll have the roast beef' (or somthing similar) and the waitress said 'and what about the vegetables?' to which Mrs T responded 'They'll all have the same as me!'

Your pictures are:
1. The Queen
2. Mrs Thatcher
3. Camilla P-B, Prince Charles and Princess Diana
4. Pope John Paul II
5. Bill Clinton
6. Gary Lineker
7. Hmmmm ... it looks like ET with Thatcher's hair, playing Hannibal Lecter.

Thanks for reminding me of Spitting Image!


Cowboys and Custard said...

I've got it Sal.. No:7 is Gordon Ramsey in Hannibal Lecter's mask!!


Simone said...

I thought the same as April! The more I look at number 7 though it is more like Hannibal Lecter crossed with a rather deranged Margaret Thatcher or even a deranged Ken Dodd!

Rosie said...

That brought back some memories. I used to love Spitting Images.
Here goes-
1. Queen Elizabeth II with one of her corgis.
2. Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister
3. Camilla Parker Bowles now The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.
4. Pope John Paul II
5. Bill Clinton
6. Gary Lineker when he was still playing football.
7. Michael Hesletine as Hannibal Lecter.

I wonder if they brought backwith todays politians and celebrities we would still find it funny.

sharie said...

I won't even try to remember them all but I really loved that show!

Rosie said...

Thanks for cheering me up with a much needed good laugh after a week suffering from a bad cold. Ok. I'll have a go:-

1. The Queen 2. M. Thatcher 3. Charles, Camilla, Diana 4. Pope Paul 5. Bill Clinton 6. Gary Lineker 7. Is that ET under the Hannibal Lecter mask?

Clare said...

Hi Sal,

I would add my answers but I think everyone else has got them - although I like the Gordon Ramsey/Hannibal Lektor idea!!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane - wren't the puppets great? I like the modern-day cartoon programme that is in a similar vein - can't recall its name right now - but they do a really 'mean' Heather Mills/McCartney!!

Have a great weekend.

Clare x

Josie said...

mmm, here goes
1)Queen Elizabeth 2nd
2)Margaret Thatcher
3)Prince Charles Princess Diana-Camilla Parker Bowles
4)The pope - John Paul 2nd
5)Bill Clinton
6)Gary Lineker
7)Margaret Thatcher playing Hannibal Lecter

Josie x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Hiya Sal. My sis has just been telling me how "gorge" it is down in Devon. She, her hub and their mates have just sailed the mate's yacht on it's maiden voyage from Dartmouth to Brixham. Well it's sunny here too - we just haven't got the sea...
Aaah Spitting Image... It was great. I love the Majors - John's obsession with peas...
Fab competition. Here are my guesses:
1. The Queen
2.Margaret Thatcher
3. Camilla Parker-Bowles (as she was then), Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
4. Pop John Paul
5. Bill Clinton
6. Gary Lineker
7. Michael Hesletine.

Gina said...

Hi Sal, Thanks for calling by my blog. It's been lovely to discover you and read back over your posts. Seeing your son going off travelling took me back to this time last year when my 18 year was about to depart (he's home now!)Can I play the Spitting image game?
1. The Queen
2. Maggie Thatcher
3. Camilla, Charles & Diana
4. Pope John Paul
5. Bill Clinton
6. Gary Linekar
7. Maggie Thatcher playing Hannibal Lecter ( I think - though agree with Kitty that it looks like ET!)

Ragged Roses said...

Right here goes:
1 Queen Liz
2 Margaret Thatcher
3 Diana, Charles and Camilla
4. Pope John Paul
5. Bill Clinton
6 Gary Linekar
7 Margaret Thatcher, Hannibal Lecter
I loved Spitting Image!

ginny said...

what a great post Sal... we certainly must keep laughing. won't add answers as i think everyone has got them now... so funny to see these puppets again.
Have a lovely weekend and see you soon at the Fair.

Greedy Nan said...

Might come back to the competition but I'll need pen and paper first or I'll forget by the time it comes to typing the list out from memory.
I read your comment on Ragged Roses blog about books and although I've not read Miss Pettigrew, I saw the film which was wonderful. I have however, read an Elizabeth Taylor [not the former Mrs Burton] and loved the book so that I am now making a collection of everything else she's ever written and so far haven't been disappointed.
I also saw the Alice and Ginny book last week and if I'd got such a thing as money, it would have belonged to me. I'm saving up as we speak!
PS having found you will be adding you to my favourites.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

The same answers as lovely April!
Or, will that be cheating... LOL!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
I enjoyed this competition... even when I cheated a tynnie bit!lol

Debbie Moss

Alison Boon said...

Definitely took me back a bit.
1 - The Queen
2 - Margaret Thatcher
3 - Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles & Princess Diana
4 - Pope John Paul II
5 - Bill Clinton
6 - Gary Lineker
7 - Michael Heseltine as Hannibal Lecter

jane winton said...

The good old days back in the 80s! Rubber puppets, very strange hairdo's and outrageous clothes, oh happy days! Thanks for the laugh.
Love the Exeter post, cant believe that all the times we have been there we have never been to the quay , all those antique shops I missed out on! It takes us about 2 hours to get there so will have to plan a trip out soon. Jane xx