Friday, 3 October 2008

iphone saves Devon gal indecision... and fans!

Part One
So there I was, this morning , standing in W.H.Smith, with this in my hand (exhibit A above)..deliberating!
Should I gamble and buy it there 'n then or should I wait until I get home... and take a look at Amazon's price?
I spent 10 minutes trying to decide because I really wanted it there 'n then!! ;-)

At this point, the ghost of Mr Snippets whispers in my ear ,' What on earth did I buy you that b***** iphone for?'

I laughed to myself ... found a quiet corner...and left the store empty handed (half price on Amazon!! Even cheaper on The Book People!!)

Part Two ...

This is where I need serious help!!
It's my wedding anniversary soon and having been asked what I would like, I've finally decided!
But which colour/design?!!!!

So...Which would you choose?
I favour the blue ...or red..but then again...!!

Part three!

Tuesday crafting is back, which makes me happy!! This week, we made 'fan' cards.

Although I was a little 'fragile' on Tuesday, I got stuck in!

Apologies,my photos are poor due to the tears on the camera lens !! But they actually look quite pretty. (The cards I mean,not the tears!)

Have a great weekend ;-)

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Hardest Part

And the hardest part
Was letting go...not taking part
Was the hardest part

And you think that saying goodbye when they go to Uni, is bad enough!"
Well try this!

He knew that I would not read his blog until this evening. I knew he would leave something on it before embarking on his great adventure !

Do read it and do comment if you wish... as I know that he will get to internet cafes somewhere en route.

In his room, he's left us a booklet, beautifully done, a complete itinerary...dates, phone numbers, maps...etc...even the flags of the countries he is visiting, printed on each info sheet! He knows I am useless at remembering the flags! So thoughtful, as always.

Yes, I am blubbing! I am allowed to. But I am one proud mum, I can tell you!

Love you Nich ;-)

(I'll speak to you about the 'tacky present' at a later date!)

Meanwhile, I will be blogging slightly less frequently... as I have an atlas to read and routes to follow!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Where in the world did I go today?!!

Look at the sky!
Today was special ; a real treat of a day; a most fabulous sunny summer's day... in autumn!
I enjoyed it so much and would love for you to share with me in the delights of...

Exeter Quay! (And maybe a little bit more than the Quay!! ;-)
It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from Exeter city centre to Exeter Quay and it is so worth it!

As in the city, tea rooms, cafes, pubs etc are plenty. But it is the cellars that I really love..come with me along here...

And this is what you get ...

and this...

I loved this totem pole!

And these old signs...

The Quay was busy today...

Although you can always find a little bit of peace, if you hunt hard enough.

We walked back to the city this way...along Colleton Crescent.

It was then that I found it! My new home!!

It had to be mine...! ;-)
With these views of the Quay:

The Hourglass pub very handy...

So go on...guess the price!
And see if you are right :
Oh can dream! And save up!
I made my way back to the Cathedral Green
I just can't help myself. I love this city. The more I visit,the more I love it. The more I love it,the more I visit!
When I retire,my ambition is to be a redcoat tourist guide!! (I'll be the first tourist guide with a zimmer frame! And no teeth ! LOL! ;-)

Gandy Street was almost deserted when we said goodbye and made our way home. love!

Semper Fidelis = Always Faithful

That says it all..well almost..because..

Today was my last visit to Exeter with Nich...for a while. He will be wandering a little further afield for the next 5 weeks!!

Whilst I will be quite content to visit Exeter,regularly..he will be visiting Amsterdam,Munich,Berlin, Barcelona,Nice...and a host of other places in Europe!!

His blog will be one amazing blog when he returns!!

And until he returns,mine might be a little spattered with tears every now and again as I know how much I will miss him!

But I am excited for him too ;-)

So have a wonderful time Nich...go safe and ..see you in Exeter on Nov 9th ! ;-)