Saturday, 30 August 2008

Catch 'em young!!

I love this picture!!

Just look at the concentration!!

Friday morning brought together a group of girls (ages 10,11,12) who meet in my kitchen, now and again, to practise their craft skills!

Cross Stitch was on offer this time!


First of all we practised!

And then we opened up our 'Sew Funky' kits!

These come with instructions, charts, threads, binca, needles etc

And that's when it got tricky!! ;-)

But with a little bit of perseverence...


Occasional refreshments!

They mastered it quite (!) well!

I give you tomorrow's crafters... today!

Hmm maybe I should introduce them to blogging, next time!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Life's passions!

Opting to stay at home on Bank Holiday Monday was not a bad idea. A walk, around the lanes where I live, was a pure joy.

I caught sight of a Passion Flower , with masses of green fruit, entwined in a small oak tree.

Yes, the little, unexpected things in life, certainly please! ;-)

And the pleasures continued when today we were invited to a rather lovely lunch at a 500 year old Devon cottage. Naturally, the camera went along too :