Saturday, 30 August 2008

Catch 'em young!!

I love this picture!!

Just look at the concentration!!

Friday morning brought together a group of girls (ages 10,11,12) who meet in my kitchen, now and again, to practise their craft skills!

Cross Stitch was on offer this time!


First of all we practised!

And then we opened up our 'Sew Funky' kits!

These come with instructions, charts, threads, binca, needles etc

And that's when it got tricky!! ;-)

But with a little bit of perseverence...


Occasional refreshments!

They mastered it quite (!) well!

I give you tomorrow's crafters... today!

Hmm maybe I should introduce them to blogging, next time!


the flour loft said...

Hi Sal,
Love the concentration of their lovely to inspire these young talents... joyous indeed to see. My girls are at the moment wanting to put fake tatoos on each other!! They have assured me that thay will rub off before school restarts.
a happy weekend to you x
ginny x

MarmaladeRose said...

I think you deserve a medal! It's hard enough showing one, never mind six in one go! Lovely photos though. Pricless!

Petticoat Lane said...

What a great thing to do. Do you possibly have space for a 36 year old that would love to have a go at cross stitch??

Simone said...

Such a well-behaved group of girls! They look like potential recruits for the W.I!!!

Things Hand Made said...

Can't wait to see the results! I had a simialr day with a group of boys during the holiday but we made soft toys using my sewing machine and i think it was a bit noisier than your day!

Bobbie Lynn said...

How wonderful of you. : ) Looks like fun to me.

Lucy Bloom said...

How lovely Sal, I started at a young age too when my mum would buy me craft kits for Christmas and birthdays - I loved them! Looking forward to November and meeting you too!!
Lucy x

twiggypeasticks said...

That looks like good fun and they are really concentrating, good on them and good on you for encouraging the young crafters :)
Twiggy x

The Vintage Kitten said...
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LOUISE said...

How I would have loved this opportunity as a child, nothing like this in my day. So nice of you to open up your kitchen table to learn a crafting skill. If I lived locally I would be round, I need to learn a trick or two! x

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful photo, their expression is oh so like my daughters' when I see them concentrating on their sewing, wonderful!

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Sal, this looks like a great day... I know my kids would have been banging at your door for this!!


summerfete said...

You got me itching to do a stitching!

Jennie said...

That looks like a fantastic day. I wish I could have sent L along, she won't stick at stitching when I try to tempt her but I am pretty sure she would if others were doing it too.