Saturday, 2 August 2008

Grr ..people! And a giveaway !

I've decided that being self employed can be a nightmare!
I have not always been self employed of course...but when I became such, I found life very difficult and very different.
For a start, I had never asked anyone for money. My monthly salary was paid into my bank account, by the county in which I was working.
But then I entered the world of the self employed. And that's when I really found out about people and how they really behave.

My first few months were a nightmare...or worse.
I was too nice, too soft, was let down constantly, booking places for people who then did not turn up..and so on. I was not a business person. It was all new to me. But I was losing money.

Anyway, after a year, having been treated with disrespect from many quarters, I thought enough is enough and I embarked on a plan... my terms and conditions of my business.
I should have done it sooner but you learn from your mistakes and I should not have been so trusting in the human race from the start.

And so, I have my terms and conditions, to be signed by anyone who wishes to engage my services. All straightforward, plain for all to see, not difficult to understand, simply put.
And that should have improved matters.

So... what do people do? They sign without reading a damn thing!
And then they try to dictate to me, their business terms and conditions for my business.
(Not everyone of course..there are some sensible people)
So now I am on the lookout for my 'dream' job.
Preferably one where I don't have to have any contact with the human race!

Any ideas?

The best idea for my new job will win my it Amy Butler fabric make up bag!

Winner will be annouced on Friday;-)

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A fabulous Exeter site!

This is the oldest surviving medieval bridge in England. It is where I rested, briefly, on Saturday, during a grand, historical tour of Exeter.

Just a stone's throw from the centre of Exeter!

My son planned this was brilliant. He should work for the Exeter tourist board!
Here he is with one interested tourist!
More at a later date!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Clipboards for sale..and my new book;-)

Inspired, in spite of the heat!
I sat in the shade this morning and thought I'd have a go at another clipboard.
I painted it in Farrow and Ball, 'Verte de Terre', slightly distressed it and prettied it up... pockets (on the reverse as well), ribbons,tags, pretty papers etc.

I can do these in any F&B colour, to match a kitchen's colour scheme and I can personalise them (it does not have to say 'My Snippets'!) with whatever words anyone fancies!

This one is for sale, in my Etsy Shop, at £12.50 plus £3 p and p recorded delivery.

Meanwhile...on Thursday I went to one of those garden centres that I don't really like!
Whilst I was walking past the book section, my eyes fell upon this ...
The illustrations are beautiful!
The book takes you through the year, with poetry and paintings.
Pot Marigolds to die for...
Love in the mist (or wherever it takes your fancy ;-)...

Auriculas, so gorgeous...

A place to rest awhile...

I was rather taken with it... and it was dirt cheap too!!

(So we all know where it ended up!)