Friday, 25 July 2008

Totnes is special!

I nipped down to Totnes today.The town was alive and bustling.
My first stop was Amanda's stall, at the market place.
I couldn't resist...

This ...

And this...

I'm trying to 'pretty up' a rather boring under the stairs gloomy place ...

I always love a trip to Totnes and Amanda never fails to please me!!

Neither does this little shop..I adore it.

The lady owner is so lovely too...and proof that there is a life after teaching! ;-)

I also have two Penstemons to plant! A present from my lovely mum.

Hope your weekend is a good one ;-)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Busy doing nothing!

At least we have sun... and have done for the past few days!

I took an hour out this morning, just to sit, find a shady spot, drink a cuppa and observe!

Have you notice this in your lawns? It is rampant this year and really quite pretty.
I have huge patches of it all over my lawns.

It's called Prunella...or Self Heal.

I don't really have a probem with wild flowers or weeds invading my garden.

Apart from Bindweed, which is a pain...but the flowers are lovely!

I found an old wicker storage basket in the car port..and filled it with herbs etc

It really is just a day for doing very little..well that's how I feel today!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

A very distressing week!!

This week, I've been mostly painting, hence the lack of blogging!
This was a dowdy old pine kitchen unit, now given a new lease of life with Farrow and Ball 'House White' .

It sets off all of my 'b***** fripperies' (as my dear DH calls them!)

Next up, this telephone table, on view as you open the front door... and desperately in need of an makeover. I used Farrow and Ball 'Skylight' (to match my writing bureau) for this and it has transformed the hallway.

House White for this smaller kitchen shelf unit...

' Cooking Apple Green' for 'Petal'... and the Woodpeckers...

An old pot stand..(Lulworth Blue)

A shabby old mirror (Cinder Rose)...

My bag hooks ...(Vert de Terre)

What fun! It beats housework any time!