Thursday, 3 July 2008

Life's Little Projects!

Rummaging around in the car port last week, I came across this old, small cupboard...unused and unloved! ;-(

I think Dear DH found it years ago, in a cupboard. I've no idea why it was made or for what it was used.


I love the Cooking Apple Green colour!

I just don't know what to do with the cupboard..any ideas gratefully appreciated;-)

Whilst it was drying I had a bit of fun with some jam jars and various transfers!

Now all I want to do now is sit down and read my huge pile of these!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

A treat!

We had a bit of a treat in my village, this weekend.
The lady from Lavender Cottage brought loads of plants from her end of the village to my end of the village. Better still they were deposited right by my front gate!
For sale! ;-)
I ask you,what is a girl to do when this happens?
Well, what would you do? ;-)

Alpines, herbs, perennials and annuals...a real good variety!

I bought a few more of her Penstemons . I just love the names of these... Heavenly Blue, Apple Blossom, Garnet, White Bedder .
I also bought some alpines for a tiny corner of my garden.
And a couple of Thymes...and a Lewisia...and a Lithospernum!

And if you are anywhere near Newton Abbot, then she is in the Farmers' Market on a Tuesday. It is held in Courtenay Street. (But she's not there this Tuesday.)

Oooh I just love it when the traders come to you! ;-)

But that's not all! The church was full of the most beautiful floral arrangements...

I could not arrange a flower to save my life but I always love to see what can be done.

Finally, in the village hall, was a fabulous display of various historical happenings in the village.

It was really well put together too. I could have spent all day reading it all...but I didn't as I had to visit the plant stall... a few times!;-)