Thursday, 17 April 2008

Garden pleasures!

These two little lovelies stand either side of my mum's front door. They always hold something different, depending on the time of year. At the moment they hold two beautiful cowslips.

This morning, we whizzed along to one of our local garden centres, Jack's Patch.Jack's Patch is on the road between Newton Abbot and Teignmouth and this particular drive gives wonderful views of the River Teign.
Sadly, it was too dangerous for me to stop and snap the view.
So, instead, I snapped these little baskets full of Pansies and Ivy...

There was quite a mass of colour everywhere at the 'Patch'...

I bought some pansies to put in my Belfast sink...

Meanwhile, back at home I found my dear DH battling with the blustery weather... and attempting to cut the grass.

During the past few days, we've had this visitor...I just managed to snap the pose, through my kitchen window...

...before 'Woody' escaped!

How I love the beauty of the garden!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Silhouette or Salhouette !!

Tuesday craft morning brought silhouettes!
This was my mum's idea....she had worked on these prototypes before we arrived...(above and below)

There were various books to give us inspiration.
I thought I would use the artwork of L.S. Lowry.

'Going to the Match'

'The Procession'
'Father Going Home' attempt...

Meanwhile, my mum and sister worked on their floral displays...

With a little improvisation..

And naturally, in the midst of all the mess .... much needed refreshment for the workers...;-)

The usual fun time was had by all!!

Next week's going to be fab..I'm teaching them to crochet ;-)

Monday, 14 April 2008

All from under the bed!!

My dad was a History teacher and I think his love of the subject was passed to me when I was quite a young age.
When I was about 13, my family went on a 'Grand Tour' of England! ;-)
So, I've been inside most cathedrals, visited many castles, walked on Hadrian's Wall, tramped around many iron age hill forts, visited spots where famous people were supposedly hit in the eye with arrows etc, stood where famous treaties were signed and the like.
You name it, I have done it. I do love history.

Many years later and for the last few months, my dad has been having a so called 'clear out'.

Now, my dad is the biggest hoarder ever! It has always made us laugh that he hoards most of his treasures... under his bed! Sometimes I wonder how he fits it all under there!!
And so, each week, I have been 'summoned' to the bedroom to view piles and piles of mainly historical items...and take whatever I like before he offers it elsewhere. ;-)
If I only had the room in my study, I would have grabbed the lot!

Anyway what I did take, I love!
First of all, my eyes were drawn to these as I just love the colour on the covers...

My eyes moved on... there were piles and piles of these...

And these..

I peeped inside one or two of these today...

By then my car was loaded and off I drove, quite happily.

The following week..... in I go again and there on the bed were piles of...

RHS 'The Garden' Magazines.

Too good to refuse...but that has to be for another day's blog ;-)