Thursday, 20 March 2008

From Woodpeckers to Magpies!

Thursday morning in Newton Abbot and that usually means coffee in... Magpies!

Situated right near the famous clock tower, Magpies, owned by Rick and his wife Carol, is a delight for lovers of fine things, especially bears and dolls!

So come through the doorway with me... and share the delights.

Gorgeous Charlie Bears! Which one would you like?

Beautiful Dolls...each crying out to be chosen.

What a selection! 'Buy buy me!'

Here is one of my faves...

And when you have finished browsing and buying, you find yourself in the Nest Cafe at the back of the shop.

Rick is always there to guide and help you. He makes every customer feel special. Old fashioned service, you just can't beat it eh?

And service is always with a smile in The Nest Cafe, as Carol, Nicky and Helen greet you in their usual happy way.

But maybe not quite dressed like this!!

Magpies sells so much more than bears and dolls, so when you are in Newton Abbot, do pay them a visit..and don't forget to treat yourself to coffee and a relax!

My purchase today, to brighten up my doorstep, was... a doormat!! ;-)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Snippets just outside my workplace.

I am lucky enough to teach in a little room which has a sliding patio door, from which I step into this hidden world... it's sort of inside yet outside as well !

It's a funny little covered area, open at each end but with trellis along two sides and masses of thick Ivy at one end, where birds nest each year.

During the spring and summer, I can throw my door open whilst I teach... or if it is warm enough, we can take our work outside and learn whilst listening to the sounds of nature.

Generally, we tend to hang odd things on the trellis, mainly pictures and bird boxes.
Nothing has nested in this newer bird box ..yet!
The birds seem to prefer 'shabby'!

I picked this little painting up for 20p at a car boot sale a few years ago. It somehow appealed to me even though I know very little about Nantwich! It's by someone called Derek Copeland. If you happen to know him do say, 'Hi , your painting is in safe hands!'

And there's nothing more delightful than watching a parent bird feed its C.F. Tunnicliffe shows us here...

We get all sorts of birdlife at 'Woodpeckers' and one day this one waddled in and stayed put...

And then 'you know who' wandered in, just for a nose!
This tucked away place is a part of my home where you can sit, put your feet up and forget the....

..and just revel in the delights of your surroundings .

There really is nothing like...

Is there?!