Wednesday, 10 December 2008

At the quay today we saw..

I love the quay at Exeter.
It's especially idyllic in the week as opposed to the weekend ... so few people are there.
But I was there this morning!!
The cellars are really lovely , you'll always find something unique ...cheese boards in all types of wood...lovely to feel.
and other handcrafted goodies.
A new coffee shop seems to have sprung up, although we didn't stop to sample what was on offer.

These angels tickled me pink!!
(Or should I say silver.)

Obviously,the highlight of the morning was finding three vintage baubles (at 50p each) in this little antique/vintage shop where I love to forage!!
I forgot to take a photo... and the baubles I will save for another day ;-)


MelMel said...

What a fab day out!xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Exeter looks an exciting shopping place for Christmas, Sal. Love those silver angels - should be easy to make so shall have a try - certainly nicer than Tracy Emin's angel to make in Monday's copy of the Times. If my attempt is successful I will post it on my blog so that you can see it,

Country Bliss said...

Oh it does look lovely there.
Yvonne x

Shirl said...

Lovely angels! You are a lucky lady to live in a place with so many gorgeous shops ... :0)

the flour loft said...

You have some lovely trips out Sal, thank you for sharing with us. Rod would love those cheese boards!
love ginny x

Rosie said...

I remember spending a lovely afternoon looking in the shops at Exeter Quay on the way back from a holiday in Cornwall. There was so much to see.

MelMel said...


It's fun taking pictures......i enjoy it, as much as looking at other ppl's houses!
Yours included!xx

jenny holiday said...

Greetings from the New Jersey Shore USA!

xoxo Jenny

sharie said...

Love the cheeseboards - they are so very tactile. Looks like a great trip and thanks for all the pictures

funkymonkey said...

I just wish I lived closer to Exeter. It's very frustrating to see all these gorgeous shops and not be able to get to them!


Lace hearts said...

That looks a lovely place to shop - I stopped there about 3 years ago, very briefly, and remember how good the shops were. Also remember a number of swans!

Rosie said...

How wonderful - would love to see all those lovely shops - the angels are so cute and I love the Robin:)

Josie-Mary said...

I'd forgotten how good the quay is.. I must make a visit in the new year. I only go there for pizza!! Have you been to the waterfront??? Yummy :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Another lovely day out Sal....such pretty things too.