Monday, 14 July 2008

Look at my new kitchen !! ;-)

Most girls jump at the chance to have a new kitchen, don't they? So when my dear DH said that I could have one... PLUS all the accessories that I wanted, I couldn't refuse such an offer.
Well, would you?

It was about time that I had a new ironing board ... wood is so easy to mend, should it break...and I am rather heavy handed with the old ironing.To be truthful, I hate it and tend to slam the old iron down a bit hard! My iron's been playing up lately too, which is hardly surprising. There was quite a choice, so I went for one of these 'state of the art' very heavy cordless ones, (far right).

The new slimline oven appealed to me as it sits neatly in the corner of my kitchen and what's more it came with a set of free pans. And I did so need a new kettle!

I love these new pan racks.
I plumped for blue storage jars..they are new but have that 'used' look. It's all the rage you know!

I decided to do a bit of recycling and stick with the old Belfast sink from my old kitchen .

But hey look at my new draining board!

Anyone for a cuppa? Imagine my delight when I found this wireless. I asked if it could count as a kitchen accessory! I'll listen to the 'Light Programme', whilst I breakfast.

I chose a selection of new jelly mine had become err ...rather mouldy;-)
They complete the look..which I think looks just fine and dandy!
Don't you?

A new kitchen..every girls dream! I think I am one lucky girl...mod cons, you can't beat 'em, eh?! ;-)


Now then, before you all get incredibly green eyed and want to rush out and get the same kitchen as me, I'll just admit to telling a few fibs there!

Through the yew tree arch is Topsham Museum.

It's a wonderful little museum with a bit of nautical history... and a little bit the dream kitchen! It's so well worth a visit...and it is free admission. Plus at the end you can sit and have tea and home made cakes!!

More about my Saturday Topsham trip, next time!

Finally, thank you to April for my award! Two awards in one week is enough to make me grin from ear to ear! ;-) (Just like my new kitchen did!! LOL)


funkymonkey said...

That kitchen looks quite cosy but where is the automatic washing machine? Seriously - the museum looks like a worthwhile visit and maybe I'll keep some of those design ideas in mind when I choose my new kitchen.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL---you silly! I love the kitchen...a step back in time to be sure! Can you imagine having to do laundry old style--and then iron just about everything with one of those old heavy iron irons?! Makes one glad to be living in the new age!
Smiles, Karen

Country Cottage Chic said...

Looks like a very new-fangled kitchen!Such luxuries & labour saving devices.

the flour loft said...

this post made me laugh Sal.
i love the kitchen... and to think it really was all 'mod cons' in those days. we are very spoilt now aren't we?

Simone said...

I think the kitchen looks very 'now'! The only real giveaway was the heavy old iron. I love the jelly molds. I love jelly out of a mold but cannot stand blancmange or food in aspic!

Katherines Dream said...

I love it! what a great time you must have had there! I really love looking at these old style facinating.
I have visited one where they were cooking using the methods that would have been used in the 1700's amazing.
Really did enjoy that tour!
Carol x

Kitty said...

Great kitchen, but my word - it shows how much more work there was back then, doesn't it? x

Rowan said...

This museum looks just the sort of place I'd enjoy, love the kitchen - and I wish I could still listen to the Light Programme - Housewives Choice, Music While You Work, The Navy Lark - all kinds of good programmes. Sighs of nostalgia!

galant said...

What a delightful home-spun kitchen that is! My goodness, my mother would've thought it the essence of modernity when she was a young married woman in the 1940s and 1950s! And some of those things are sooooo collectable now!
Another wonderful museum is Bygones in St Marychurch, Torquay. I have written a short piece about this for BBC History Magazine (the next issue, I think). It's certainly worth a visit for all those who live close enough to Torquay to make this possible.
Margaret Powling

twiggypeasticks said...

You rascal :) Give me my mod cons any day although it does look very pretty

this is my patch said...

Just think, this kitchen would have been every girl's dream back then. I still love all these old bits 'n bobs and they don't look out of place in a modern kitchen. Thanks for the great tour, may even get to visit one day? x

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

So when did you visit my house and not tell me? I just hope you didn't take pictures of the bedrooms. They are such a mess at the moment. At least the kitchen was tidy. :o)

thevintagemagpie said...

Ok, Ive booked a date in my diary next week for a visit there, I HAVE to see that kitchen for myself.. how wonderful! Are you still ok for tomorrow? I have a certain someone sitting on a shelf waiting to come home with you!! x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh what a shame! I thought you'd got yourself the perfect kitchen there! Lucy x

maria said...

Brilliant! I must admit to believing you at first.

silverpebble said...

The style of that kitchen really does look like ours - yikes! We've kept all the old tongue and groove that was here. We do have rather more labour-saving devices though (and I don't make very many jellies in moulds like that). Just showed it to Mr P and he said I should post about our kitchen now!

Have lurked for a while on your blog and not commented. Really enjoying it


Mary said...

For a moment there I thought it really was your kitchen - thinking perhaps you truly go for the post-vintage look!!!

Of course some people would probably enjoy living like that - remember those TV programs where families had to live in another time?

As for me, I have to say I enjoy things a little more modern and labor-saving - that teeny draining board would have to go!

Great post Sal.

Jennie said...

OOH I really love that kitchen!!! It's fabulous!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Isn't it funny Sal how many of us strive for this vintage look and yet our mod con kitchens would have been so envied in those days..
It does remind me of a friends kitchen and she has one of those very early gas cookers that still works!!

Michele X