Thursday, 26 June 2008

Garden Snippets

I've just been looking through my kitchen window, contemplating.
My best laid plans have not worked out this week... so my trip to Babbacombe will have to wait.
My poor mum has had such a nasty bug which has really 'knocked her for six'. She's on the slow road to recovery though.

The blogging too has had to take a back seat! So has the garden...
I quickly whizzed around early this morning to remind my self what needs doing...

1. Dead head this beautiful rose which grows against the house. It's been fabulous and it is full of bud. My pics don't do it justice.

2. Keep an eye on these! The resident pheasant ('Miguel') sat on them the other day but I think I saved most of them. I found the seeds in an envelope when I was tidying the lounge. They have been there for a few years!!
(Although Dear DH reckons they are a pink poppy.
They look more like Escholzia, to me!!)

3. Get these planted! I sowed these really late...Carnations and a variety of herbs.

4. Remember to tie these sunflowers.They grow so fast each day!

5. Watering!! My herbs need it...and the Sweet Peas and Nicotiana.

I still have cowslips in bloom and in bud!

Finally, at the weekend,there is a display of History and Flowers in the village church.I hope cameras are allowed ;-)

It's always good to catch up on the village gossip ;-)



funkymonkey said...

Everything in the garden looks great, even though you feel you've neglected it. Hope your Mom is better soon.

viv said...

The garden looks great...I wish my plants looked as good. Hope your mum is soon feeling better

this is my patch said...

Hi Sal, I love your gardeners know all the dirt sign! I do hope that Mum is feeling a little better now. I had noticed you were quiet on the blog front, but so have I been, so many things to do and so little time. Talking of things to do you have a lot of planting there, you could do with an under-gardener. I have been procrastinating this morning but will get out into the garden in a moment, although I have been out to water my pathetic looking veg. Enjoy your garden today. x

Simone said...

You have green fingers as well as crafty fingers Sal! You garden and plants look fine to me. The greens are really vibrant. The rosebush has stack of roses. Mine had a flush of about 3 roses! I do hope that you mum is better soon. There are some nasty bugs going around at the moment which seems a bit strange for this time of year I think.

Ragged Roses said...

Your garden is looking great, I must remember to water my pots too! It's been so windy here, things are drying out very quickly. HOpe your mum is feeling better v soon

Cowboys & Custard said...

Do you ever come up for air Sal?
You are a bit of a whizz and I am always greeted with a new interesting post when visiting Sal's Snippets..
I was going to water today but we have just had a torrential downpour.. now the garden and water butts are happy!


Kitty said...

Your garden is looking wonderful - I miss having one, I must admit. I could almost smell that thyme, just from the picture! x

Mary said...

Sorry your Mum has been ill - hope she's doing better.

You have so many seedlings coming along - such a brave undertaking in the garden. I only do herbs from seed - flowers seem to melt in our heat and humidity. Guess that means I need to invest in a greenhouse perhaps!

Read my post tomorrow (Fri.) on UK farm shops and Powderham Castle!
Take care - Mary.

Knitting Mania said...

Enjoyed your garden this evening. Love your header, what a sweet bird!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Your garden is too gorgeous!!!!!!

M ^..^

Alison Boon said...

Wishing your mum a speedy recovery. The garden still looks delightful, and gardeners definitely know the dirt.

Vanessa said...

I hope your mum feels better soon!

The garden looks fine to me and all the little seedlings will soon take over the whole garden.

The garden sign made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend

Vanessa x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Sal, hope your mum is better soon. I love seeing all your planting and sowing, my gardening enthusiasm doesn't stretch that far I'm afraid, much happier with a paintbrush!
Have a good weekend,
Lucy x

French Knots said...

Your garden looks wonderful, mine is in need of weeding and all the rain just seems to make the weeds double in size.
The yellow rose is lovely, such a bright spot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, all our seeding are doing well. Good for you and it looks like you’re going to have a beautiful garden. Hope you Mom is doing better. Have a good weekend. : )