Friday, 2 May 2008

Good Golly!

Just past the clock tower in Newton Abbot, you'll find 'Magpies'. It's a lovely shop with an ever changing variety of stock.

Yesterday, they had a wonderful collection of golliwogs on display.

My favourite was this one with the stripey trousers.

Some of these come from New Zealand.

Here they are enjoying the sights of Newton Abbot!

They are very popular and so I don't think these will be on Rick and Carol's shelves for very long .

If you're not a Golly fan then Magpies still has a fantastic selection of bears.

So appealing!

After that you can take a break in 'The Nest' at the back of the shop. Here you'll find a huge picture of Cockington.So big, that you can almost jump into it and take that leisurely walk.But mark my words..Cockington will be a tad more busy than this, this weekend!

Finally, I nipped to Exeter on an early train today. An umbrella of gloom hung over the city and I seemed to be the only one with a smile on my face. I'm not sure why ;-)

(Still not feeling confident about Monday though!)


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Aah Cockington... Now there's another lovely place on a sunny day when it's not rammed full of visitors. Am I allowed anti-grok feelings when I am one?? hehe It would be lovely to have a little shop unit in the big house, like the nice patchwork lady has got. More day dreams... :0)

April said...

I love Gollys, when I was a little girl, my dearest wish was to have a Golly - jusy like all the chidren in Enod Blyton's books and my Gran finally managed to track one down for me and I treasure him still

April xx

Jennie said...

I always wanted a golly too, but I didn't get one.
The bears are gorgeous!


Sal, I absolutely love gollies, I have some. What a pleasure to see your local shops displaying them. A few year's back in Worthing a shop, who had been selling them for years, was forced to take them out of their window, as some narrow-minded people had made complaints of them being offensive, can you believe it! Get a life, springs to mind. x

Elizabethd said...

Thamks for your visit.
I didnt think gollies were 'allowed' nowadays!
Devon is one of my favourite places, having lived in Cornwall most of my life, I miss the West country.

Elizabethd said...

Thanks for your visit.
I didnt think gollies were politically correct nowadays!

Alison Boon said...

We have some of these on sale in one of the shops in Devonport. I think they are so adorable but I want a baby golly.

Poppy Black said...

Gollywogs have been a big part of my life since I was little as my sister had a collection. I've got one or two around here. I am very familiar with Brigitte Reve's bears and gollies. Aren't they lovely! So pleased to see New Zealand treasures so far across the world. XXX

Sal said...
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Sal said...

Well,frankly,I think that many of us are sick of the phrase 'politically correct'.
I certainly am.
The Golliwog...a childhood toy that is making a comeback.
If anyone has a problem with that then..'Deal with it'! ;-)
I love them. ;-)

twiggypeasticks said...

Aww terrific teddies and lovely gollies. I used to have a huge gollywog when I was little and collected the Roberstsons Jam badges and figures.
Twiggy x

Simone said...

I love the look of their silky hair!

Gigibird said...

I love Golliwogs so does my mate Stella who has a wonderful collection.
Let the PC brigade cross the road and look the other way.

thevintagemagpie said...

Hey, I know Magpies well, and last week I bought a Charlie Bear for Isabel's birthday in a couple of weeks, although every day I keep getting the bear out of the bag and having a squeeze.. they are just adorable. I love all the bears Magpies have, and the gollywogs x