Friday, 29 February 2008

Tongue in cheek, of course!

It's a busy day at Woodpeckers today!
Trying to be a superwoman is a hard act... but whatever I do, I try to do it with a smile ;-)
I rushed into town very early, which is fine as you don't have to feed the ticket machine in the car park until 9am. That gave me 30 minutes to whizz around like crazy and get the basics.
I do so love a brisk walk, carrying all those heavy bags. ;-)

Then it's back to the kitchen to knock up a tasty treat! And I keep smiling ;-)

Washing is next on the list and there's nothing like the smell of freshly laundered clothes to keep me happy. Whistle while you work!

In comes dear DH and I am able to greet him with a smile and elevenses.

That's better! Now I can start on the mending. Good job my mum taught me how to darn ;-)Saves a fortune in socks you know!

Now it's time to sweep the patio and paths. The fresh air will do me good, that's for sure.

Hoovering next!
Thank goodness for my Dyson. Dear DH gave me one for Christmas;-)
I was so happy when I ripped open the wrapping paper.I squealed with delight!
It's so much better than my old fashioned Hoover. (Remember the motto..'It beats as it sweeps as it cleans!')

Oooh my favourite..the ironing. What fun! Got to get those collars and cuffs just right!
(And the smile just goes on and on..and on;-)

Well, that's my morning done and dusted (hoovered, ironed, cooked, cleaned,washed, shopped etc! )
(Thank the lord I am too old to have another of these.....)

A woman's work is never done ;-)


Anonymous said...

I know why it is never done ;)

Al Waizeblogin

asti said...

yep, know that feelin' !
LOL at previous comment, thats about right here too ;)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Absolutely love it. Have laughed my way through the lot. Ditto the last one - age does have its compensations!!!

Mary said...

These are just fabulous illustrations - and yes, a woman's work IS never done. Of course the last one is "grandbabies" - just you wait Sal, that WILL be you again some day!! Luckily mine are all grown and hopefully there will be no more - I for one don't have the energy for anymore nappy changing and spoon feeding!

Hope Devon is pretty and Springlike this weekend - lovely here so I may get out and clean the Potting Shed and paint a few more mirror and picture frames.

Kitty said...

I've decided I'll do the ironing tomorrow - I just can't face it this evening.

I'm so glad I'm not the only lunatic out shopping at 8.30am on a Saturday :-D x

Jennie said...

I love those illustrations!