Sunday, 14 June 2015

Transformations! ;-)

I now have grass...and what's more, it's been to the barbers and had its first cut!

It's amazing how things in a garden can change so very quickly!

This is rapidly becoming one of my favourite spots in the garden!

The  Sweet Peas are coming on nicely, climbing up their appropriate

 twiggy pea sticks; hopefully they will soon reach the trellis.

Even though they've taken their time, I'm pretty confident that

there will be quite a show this summer!

The Hollyhocks are looking pretty good too and the three roses,

which I chose for this lovely place, are also performing well!;-)

Let's return in July to see further progress!

But here's a reminder of only 8 weeks ago:


Even I am gobsmacked at the transformation in my front garden!

What a gorgeous scene now meets the eye!!

Which was once :

Thank you, Mr Snippets for all your hard work.

I certainly couldn't have done it without you!