Saturday, 22 November 2014

You can't beat Totnes! ;-)

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I'm at my happiest when I'm here, in Totnes!

So you can stick your big cities and their Christmas markets, 

which are essentially all the same: wooden chalet after wooden chalet and the

 crush crush crush of the crowds! 

It's Totnes, for me! Oh yes!  ;-)

What better way than to start the day here in Fat Lemons?

It's a friendly place; nothing is too much trouble

and the coffee is very good too!

Gold star!

The charity shops in Totnes are also looking very good this year !

We 'did' the charity shops' yesterday, as we had plenty of time

to browse at our leisure.

I'm always pleased to see people taking a pride in their work

and displaying their goods so beautifully.

Moving on...

I never miss a chance to go into 'Narnia'.

This time, I found an old yacht for the 'sailing/nautical'

themed area in my classroom. 


I love Narnia... and the best music is always takes me back to

my student days, when I didn't have a care in the world! ;-)

Moving on...

It was also a big treat to find a shop, which was new to me.

As I stood outside and looked through the window, the shop was calling

'Come in!'

In I went!

This is 'ninety-three totnes'.

It is stunningly beautiful inside and it is full of the most lovely

mid century and retro furniture.

Details :

This one not to be missed!

And I mean not to be missed!

You won't be disappointed with Totnes.

And make sure that you start with your cuppa at the bottom

of the hill... and then have another at the top!

Grey's is another lovely place to take a rest and watch the world go by!

I'm already looking forward to our next trip !

Maybe see you there?!