Friday, 22 August 2014

What good is heritage if it dwells in the past ? ;-)

Standing at one of my favourite places in Topsham, I can spy, 

over the other side of The River Exe,

Topsham Lock Cottage.

And here it is again, in the window of my favourite little shop/ artist's studio.

Tony Isham has become a favourite of ours since we spotted the

lovely painting of the Brixham trawlers, in his window.

Talking about the Topsham Lock Cottage, this charming place is situated between

The Exeter Ship Canal and The River Exe.

It's wonderful to think that this little building is still being

used for people to enjoy, albeit in a different way.

For part of the year it is a self catering cottage; 

for the other part it is a cafe.

(pic above is from their website)

 Click here to find out more .


Topsham is always a pleasure and especially so when the sun is shining

and you are in good company....which I was! ;-)

 Pretty little touches give this little town an attractive quality.

 We stopped for a drink at The Passage House Inn.

We wandered down to Topsham Quay, stopping to look at

The Vigilant... once ' Champion of the Thames.'

Many years later, she is being restored and quite rightly so!

This is, after all, our maritime heritage.

It all makes fascinating reading :

All in all...a very pleasant day ;-)