Saturday, 3 May 2014

I wouldn't live anywhere else but Devon (even though the footy leaves much to be desired!) ;-)

How the weeks fly by!

There we were, last Friday, later in the afternoon, 

trundling back over the moors from Tavi, 

when we took a brief stop at Widecombe-in-the-Moor.

It was a glorious afternoon and the little village was almost

deserted! A fine time to visit, I'd say!

And now, a week later, here we are, visiting a garden festival :

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of Toby Buckland  and his

plant centre at Powderham; every visit there is a special treat

and the quality of the plants is first class.

And so, when I was told that he was holding a garden festival

at Powderham Castle, the date was etched on my brain

and hey we went!

Powderham Castle is, the home of the Courtenay family. If you are interested in family trees

and the history of Powderham, then it's all here:


It's a beautiful setting for any event and they do indeed hold

many events at this venue.

First stop, was obviously a coffee stop!!!

And lo and behold, here was the perfect place

to sit and watch the world go by!

The Vintage Tea Traveller didn't look at all out of place

in the stunning green surroundings!

The little vintage touches, dotted about here and there,

excited me!!

(LOL..just look at this man's face and what on earth

 is she doing with her hands in the food?!!

 Vintage mags with pics like this, make me hoot!!)

That done, we wandered around, admiring the lovely

plants and garden related items on offer.

For me, this stunning Clematis took the top award; the blooms were

dinner plates and the colour was simply divine!!

And I was really taken with the, 'Edible Flower Shop'

I loved the way that they had decorated this cake!

Wandering around, I was so glad to find a most beautiful vintage stall...

the display looked familiar; beautifully done with perfectly chosen floral

items to match the floral and garden theme.

And then I realised that it was none other then Helen,

one of my fellow stallholders at the various vintage fairs.

And her other half was next to her, selling his chestnut hurdles, tool racks etc.

They had a beautiful spot to sell their wares, 

with lovely views of the River Exe.

Naturally,  I am feeling very much in 'garden mode' at the moment!

We are in the process of digging out a border which was badly

 in need of a re-design:

Watch this space; it can only get better!!

Finally,  we did a 'round about' route on the way home

today...calling at St Marychurch.

I have a soft spot for St Marychurch as it is just so easy

to take a gentle stroll around the pedestrianised precinct.

It's a stone's throw from the football ground and one can often

 hear the cheers as the goals go in ( mostly scored by the opposition! HA HA HA ;-)

It's been the worst season for Torquay United ;-(

But, living in Devon, you can't have everything, can you?! ;-) ;-)

Monday, 28 April 2014

Well done Nich! ;-)

                                                    Well done to my wonderful son, Nich.

                       Years of hard work, determination, true grit, fortitude, never giving up...

                       and now he has (at last) signed his contract for a fab, permanent job
                       at The University of Exeter.

                       Brilliant news! I know how much this means  to him! 

                       I am sooooo very pleased for him...and Lizzie! 

                                    Please excuse my very proud mum moment!