Saturday, 7 December 2013


Yesterday was a Topsham day as we took the train along the coast

to this lovely little town on the River Exe.

There are some super shops in Topsham

and one of these is Vintage Now Interiors,

which is run by a friend of mine, Jane.

It was overflowing with Christmas; every nook and cranny filled

with delights!

There is enough here to give you loads of ideas for perfect presents.

 So, if you live not too far away,take the train to Topsham; you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

New home! ;-)

My lovely Nich has finally flown the nest!

Nich supports two football teams; one at the top of the football league and one

at the bottom!! So, you could say that his emotions are mixed right now.

 Here he is at The Emirates, last week! The lovely Lizzie

somehow managed to buy tickets for Nich's surprise birthday present, to watch

The Arsenal!

Anyway, he and Lizzie have found a place to live, in Exeter,

not too far from their place of work, at Exeter University.

It's their first home, together...t'is all very exciting for them!

I shall miss him. Indeed, I shall miss having them both around,

especially seeing them in the evenings as they

sit with their supper watching 'Neighbours'!!!

(When Nich was at Uni, 'Neighbours' was 'the' thing to watch, apparently!!

Anyway... good luck, Nich!! And good luck, Lizzie!

Have loads of fun and enjoy building your new home, together.  

Love you lots! xxx