Sunday, 28 July 2013

That stick ( is made for walking) !!! ;-)

A few weeks ago, we were in the Antiques Centre at Topsham Quay.

'Anything take your fancy? '  I asked my other half.

Yes, there is something I rather like...over there.'

I followed him....

to the place where a most charming walking stick was leaning,

minding its own business!

(Just its luck that we should disturb its peace!!)

I felt quite sorry that this lovely walking stick should be parted from its owner,

it being someone's history.


Maybe the owner had passed away.

Whatever, I knew right away that this walking stick

had a new home...ours.

Mr S loves a walking stick and this one was right up his street.

Indeed it would walk with him along

many streets, in the future.

Taking a closer look, I deduced that the owner

was obviously a lover of Cornwall.

Ha ha...that would go down well

with a true Devonshire chap!

(Him always saying that the best thing about Cornwall

was... that it stopped Devon eroding on its west coast!!!!)


However, the previous owner of this walking stick 

had obviously been further afield, as well....

in particular, Germany.

Anyway, we bought the stick...a mere £8... and it now

resides with us and has already been out and about!

 What's more, it has some new badges

which I thought would personalise it a little for

my dear Mr Snippets...

Let's hope that the 'Devon' badge behaves itself, 

living near the Cornish contingent!

As we spend a lot of time in Wells, I also found this one.

And, give the stick a bit more of a Devonshire


It's a pretty sold and sturdy stick;

 it should last for many, many years and has

tons of travelling left in it, yet!