Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fancy an afternoon out?! ;-)

You do?! Come with us!

First stop...

 Staverton Bridge Nursery, Staverton, South Devon.

It's charming; it's quirky!

You might have read about it in this month's Country Living Magazine?

It's a lovely little place and as well as plants and a cafe,

it has that 'vintage twist' to it!


It's very much run on the lines of re-using /re-cycling;

something which sits very well with me.

Let's move on!

Just around the corner from Staverton Bridge Nursery, you

will find Staverton station.

 Used as a stop

for the South Devon Railway, it runs from Buckfastleigh

to Totnes.

By chance, just as we arrive....

...look what's pulling in!

A very fine sight, indeed!

Opened in 1872, the railway originally ran from Totnes

to the ancient stannary town of Ashburton, passing through

Staverton and Buckfastleigh.

It finally closed in 1962 but, luckily, a group of

businessmen got together and they re-opened the railway,

named,' The Dart Valley Railway', in 1969.

It ran between Buckfastleigh and Totnes.

Sadly, in 1971, part of the line ( Ashburton to Buckfastleigh)

was lost due to the widening of the A38.

Twenty years later, in 1991, a registered charity,

'The South Devon Railway Trust'

took over the running and it was renamed,

'The South Devon Railway'.

For further info click here.

On we go...

Passing through the villages of Staverton and Broadhempston and

wending our way through the South Devon lanes, our third stop

was here, for some light refreshments!! ;-)

The Old Church House Inn, Torbryan.

Click here for more info on this lovely inn

Sitting simply idyllic!

Believed to have been built around 1400, this inn is full

of character! During the days of coaching, Torbryan was on the

main Plymouth stage route and many people would have stopped here

for the night.

And , of course, being such an old inn, there are also many

rumours of it being haunted.

Time to leave.

We arrive home, to the village where we live.

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the country.

Feet up and a cuppa...join us if you like!!

A very delightful afternoon, methinks!