Friday, 21 June 2013

Lewes FC...who are ya? Well, I know now! ;-)

I really can't believe that I missed this piece of news, earlier on in the year, when 

I was doing my daily trawl of the papers, online!

It's 'just up my street' as they say... and anyone who can manage to

combine a little bit of imagination, footy and culture, gets my vote!!;-)


What on earth is Rosie the Riveter

( remember her very famous call to action, encouraging

 the movement of women

 into the paid industrial workforce during World War II)

  doing on a Lewes FC poster?

You may well ask!!

Ryman Premier League Football club, Lewes FC

hit on this fab idea for their matchday posters...

or should I say, marketing manager, Charlie Dobres

had the idea.

Something needed to be done to try

and get the people through the gates and so he thought of using

iconic posters, from the past, in order to

entice the crowds!

Take this one, for instance...most of us recognise the image

 as from the Pink Floyd album,

'The Dark Side of the Moon'

I discovered that whilst looking for matchday poster themes,

Charlie came across an amazing fact :

On Jan 19th 1968, Lewes Town Hall

hosted a Pink Floyd Gig!!!

How about that then?!

And furthermore, the gig was actually promoted by...

 Lewes FC!


And this next one... made me LOL!!


Based on that very famous quote by Eric Cantona

 (which most of us didn't understand at the time but I believe it was

to do with him being hounded by the press !):

"When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because

 they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. 
Thank you very much." (1995)


And then...using a Banksy !!!

It had to be done...just brilliant!!


Moving on to...

An obvious theme considering that the opponents were

 Hastings United.


Next up...

Eastleigh Town FC...The Spitfires!

I used to live near Eastleigh and so I do know that the town

is probably most famous for the Spitfire, which was built in Southampton

and first flown from Eastleigh Aerodrome (Now Southampton Airport, which is

at Eastleigh)

 There's a replica on the roundabout at the entrance to the airport.


Calling all mothers...calling all mothers...!!!

This is based on one of the first Soviet recruitment posters,

when war broke out in June 1941.

The original poster is modelled on the image of

Vera Maretskaia. She is defending the motherland,

calling Russian men to service. some ways it is similar to the British John Bull

and American Uncle Sam. In some ways, not so similar!


HA HA...I love your mum would love this as a Mothers' Day

day out?!! Well..I know one mum who would be quite happy

with that!!  But, of course, not all mums would!! ;-)


Clever or what...

If you have never watched this film then

you haven't lived!!


And would Che ever have thought he'd be on a footy poster?!!

I think not!!

Mind you, he did once take pride of place on the wall

of my college room.


 Toulouse Lautrec would no doubt have had a fit...or maybe not...

he might have seen the funny side of it, I suppose depending on how much

Absinth he had consumed!

Here we are ; the re-working of

Henri Toulouse Lautrec's 'Ambassadeurs'

Play Toulouse? to win!! ;-)


I have half a mind to use this next one as an example for

a GCSE English Language assignment.

After all, it does contain many persuasive features!!

Based on the famous 1914 'Lord Kitchener' military recruitment poster


And now for some leisure time!!

Rivals in deckchairs...perhaps enjoying a bit of banter.

Don't you just love the knotted handkerchief!!


Hmmm... it's maybe a bit to early to mention Christmas but I

love this play on words...


And especially for St Patrick's Day, is this one...


Well, all I can say is...

Sheer genius Mr Dobres!! You made me smile!

Have a gold star from me!

If only the club which I support had thought of something like this!!

Good luck for next season, Lewes FC!

I'll certainly be looking out for your results!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A rather pressing engagement! ;-)

Two or three weeks ago, when my mum was feeling a bit low, 

knowing that she had a couple of flower presses in the cupboard, I decided

to pick a few flowers for us to press.

Some from her garden...

and some from mine.

We spread them on to her lap trays...

before pressing them.

Well,  today was the grand opening of the flower presses!

I'd forgotten what fun this can be!

When I was a child, it was a common pastime as we went off

 into the woods and meadows in search of flowers.

There wasn't such a thing as a flower press, in my family 

at that time but we did possess many books, 

including a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica!

So, we'd pile those on top of the flowers... and wait !

So... hard luck if you have a birthday soon ...!!  LOL!


Sunday, 16 June 2013

The front door ! ;-)

If you ever get a chance, are in the area and are in no rush,

 then do stop at the pretty little village of Kenton.

'Ah!' I thought to myself as I strolled around on Friday morning.

'Now, I've done gates... so it must be the turn of the front door!'

'This would make a brilliant little classroom project,' I thought.

My mind works overtime when I think of the possibilities: the art and craft;

 the displays on the classroom walls; the creative writing; 

history and even maths.

To me, the possibilities are endless!

All you need is an imagination!!

I could even hear the children in the playground of the village school

as I was planning a project, in my head!!!


Of course, unlike the gates, these doors were all a nose inside

was not on the agenda...not that I really wanted to! ;-)

I was simply fascinated by the doors and what people do to enhance them

in order to make them individual and unique.

All quite charming in their own way, don't you think?

As is the rest of Kenton!

Just another little example of a small Devon village,

showing itself off, in the sunshine!