Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The gardening bug ;-)

I'm absolutely loving the Chelsea Flower Show!

I'm having to play catch up on some of the programmes but, so far, I

think that my favourite garden has to be the Hebridian Weaver's Cottage Garden.

I'm a lover of all things natural and don't tend to veer towards

the 'gimmicks' or the ultra modern gardens!

Give me an old fashioned cottage garden any day... and I'm very happy.

But if there's one thing that Chelsea does then it's....

that it inspires!!

Having 'ooohed' and 'ahhhed', last Friday when I visited Toby Buckland's

plant centre, ( BTW, Has anyone seen him on the Chelsea programmes...I think he has

had the best bits to present!)

Anyway, I feel really ready and raring to go now...which is just as well

as there's a lot to do outside.

My garden is at least looking lush and green right now.

Today, I had a lovely surprise..the Wisteria has at last decided to


Always a cheery sight at the front of our house.

And elsewhere, there's been a bit of a 'Pansy love fest' going on in our garden!

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the garden, 'someone' has taken out a hedge!

There's always been a hedge dividing the top part of the garden from the lower

part...well that's gone now.

It's a lovely spot where the birds sing above all day long and it just shouts out

'wild and natural'.

So, I'm thinking wild flowers, Foxgloves, naturalised bulbs etc etc.

So, Mr S and I are going to work here at the weekend as there's an awful lot of tidying up

to be done!

Should be interesting!

Meanwhile, I took my camera when I went to see my mum earlier this morning

 as her garden is always lovely.

I then snook around the back of the house, where I knew I would find these

lovely Poppies.

These came from seeds which I saved for my mum

when I lived in my previous house.

Thankfully, her plants have gone from strength to strength !

 Stunningly beautiful!