Sunday, 28 April 2013

Goings ons!! ;-)

We spent last weekend in the lovely city of Wells...which has become one of our favourite

places over the past few years! A second home, in fact!

They say that the best things come in the smallest packages

and as England's smallest city, Wells fits that description, perfectly.

 And, as Somerset's only city, it has a uniqueness and a calm which

you don't really experience in other cities, in my honest opinion.

And of course as you walk around, you cannot escape the sight

 of the beautiful Wells cathedral.

A glimpse here; a glimpse there...a lovely reminder of the past

which is always present and always will be in the future.

I have enormous admiration for our cathedral builders!

We were lucky to have the best weather and as we wandered around 

the garden of  'The Bishop's Palace', it was as if all the stresses, strains, cares and worries

were lifted from me!

The presence of water is most significant in Wells;

it's name derives from the city's ancient wells.

Wells is very special. 

We often go there to escape 

Moving swiftly on...

On Friday, it was a Totnes day!

And making a beeline for the market...I found...

There's nothing like Totnes and the buzz of the lovely market place on a sunny day.

I also discovered 'Social Fabric' a shop at the top of the town;

go through 'The Narrows' and you'll find this on your rhs.

Not only is this a shop but it also holds all sorts of other activities

on certain days/evenings.

I happened to burst in on a knitting session.

But there's all sorts here to whet your appetite and so if you live nearby and fancy

any of these, then here's the website:

There's really nothing like a good yarn, eh?!!