Thursday, 14 March 2013

Happy Birthday! ;-)xxx

Happy Birthday Mr Snippets !

Have a lovely day!  ;-) 


Sunday, 10 March 2013


Probably, the best thing ever to come out of Teignmouth,

these three incredibly talented musicians are known as MUSE.

 Matthew Bellamy (lead guitarist, vocalist, and pianist),

Chris Wolstenholme (bassist, and backing vocalists), 

 Dominic Howard (drummer).

Actually, none of them were born in Teignmouth but they all moved 

to the town at some point during their childhood

and thus met at school, in Teignmouth.

You've no doubt heard of Muse because they are

'Supermassively' brilliant and now very famous!


Don't let's be too hasty!!;-)

Did you know that...

there's also another famous Teignmouth character?!

 I didn't even know about this man, until yesterday.

As I stood, poised with my camera, about to snap this mural.

a local lady approached me and started to tell me all about

'Wesley Highgate'

('You remember the cemetery and I'll remember the man who wrote hymns'

Mr S and I decided.)

So... this is Wesley Highgate, a Teignmouth fisherman.

And he is, apparently, very famous in to Muse, that is!

He is famous because he was once in a Norwich Union advert...

twanging his braces and things of that sort!!

Well...I came home and searched.

It's also amazing what one finds when one 'TRAWLS THE NET!' ;-) ;-)

Keep them braces twanging, Wes!!

Well... Teignmouth...what can I say about Teignmouth?

It's ten minutes away from where I live and it's also a very quick and pretty 

train trip from Newton the side of the River Teign.

We stopped off in Teignmouth, yesterday and had a very fine stroll


Teignmouth is quite quaint.

Finding our way around one or two of the back streets,

we stumbled across some interesting, little shops.

And finally...this is where you buy your hot cross buns, 

if you have any sense!!


And don't just think you can roll up during the week before Easter

and buy them..oh no...they are so popular, you will

have to ring and place an order...they are that good!!

I brought some home...naturally!

Teignmouth...well worth a visit for an afternoon or morning stroll.

A fascinating little South Devon town, with some maritime history

and, of course, plenty about which to... muse !!