Friday, 1 March 2013

Something cheery for the weekend!

We had a unexpected, quick trip to Totnes, today!

And look what I found there!! ;-)

Shabby Chick is back at the Friday, Totnes market!

A lovely show of colour on a winter's day, does much to cheer the heart! ;-)

Have a happy weekend, everyone ! ;-)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

All things cooking! ;-)

Whilst I was waiting for a batch of scones to bake, earlier today,

I began to rummage around... and browse through

my cookery books, which live here...

Many of these I acquired when I was younger

and many were acquired for free, when companies, such as

Cadburys, used to produce some excellent booklets.

Booklets so useful for delving into when you need to think fast

and provide food for children's parties.

The W.I. also published these books, which I love....

Ideas from McVities, Stork, Birds Eye, Heinz...and so many more....

Tray bakes from Bournville... I the only person in Devon who still owns the Devon Air Cookbook?

I wonder ?!

And I was an avid collector of recipes... and swapping recipes...all stored in books like this...

and this...

I reminisced and could've got carried away, burning the scones in the process....

but I didn't!

The recipe I used today,  came from here...