Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Something to ' digest' ! ;-)

Does anyone remember these little books and magazines?

They were published by Home and Freezer Digest.

I loved them because they were small and easy to handle!

As I was tidying my old school desk, yesterday, I came across this

copy, from December 1987.

I'd forgotten that it was in there...along with umpteen other things!

Anyway, this prompted me to rummage around the cupboard

 where I keep my cookery books....

and lo and behold this was the first thing I laid my hands on:

Armed with this one and the other books above, I sat down to briefly browse.

I wish this little mag still existed; you can't even find old copies!

There was so much useful info contained inside.

Which bird for Christmas, for instance.... and how to...deal with it!

I'd love to know if anyone remembers these magazines!


 Mr S and I have just enjoyed a weekend away.

We love Wells!

And Sunday morning in Wells was quite delightful.

We had our usual stroll, taking in the sights,

sounds and sunshine.

The day before we had taken part in the lovely Vintage Bazaar fair

at The Cheese and Grain, Frome.

Full of the usual vintage flavour, the stalls were a feast of fun

and included a wonderful mixture.

Oh it was a very fine weekend indeed!