Friday, 16 November 2012

Portscatho...Homespun Christmas Fair!! The place to be on Sunday!

Well steady on Jane and Gertie!!

 We do need people to visit your wonderful fair on Sunday!!
So, please, hold the snow for now!

It's that time, again, to journey across the border into
Cornwall, for the brilliant 'HOMESPUN FAIR!'

And because it is that time of year, I'll be trundling down the A30
(or flying... cos Mr S doesn't do 'trundle')
with a ton of fun and festive goodies.

'Get into the Christmas spirit,' is what I say; even though
it is slightly has to be done when one is doing fairs!

I've been busy packing a lot into my boxes...and not just fabric!

Well, obviously, there will be some fabric! I've especially picked out the very cheeriest

reds and greens and have also made some lovely patchwork/scrap packs.

I acquired these (above) as they were so cheap (i.e. I couldn't have made them for any less!)

They are meant to go on mugs or beakers.

So hey ho....or should I say ho ho ho,

I've filled the beakers with some festive fabric.

I'm also taking along some more vintage these were so popular

at Tavistock!

Some packs of vintage ribbon...we all need ribbon at Christmas!

And all sorts of other bits and pieces!

Believe me...Portscatho is the place to be for a truly Vintage Christmas fair!

And so.....

We hope to see you there!

;-) xxx