Sunday, 16 September 2012

Passion, Pansies, Peppers!! ;-)

The 'goings ons' in the garden are somewhat confusing me!

I have Sweet Peas which are just coming into bud!

Weird or what?!

I lost most of my Sweet Pea plants during that very wet spell. Just one or two survived;-(

No blooms... til now! 

I love the Pansies at this time of year too. I have to confess that

I bought these plants to fill a redundant, stone pot.

Oh my goodness!
Very soon, in a corner of my garden, there is going to be an explosion!


Just look at these buds!

And more...

There's nothing like passion in the garden ;-)

Here are some more blooms in my garden

And in the greenhouse, Nich has had huge success with Peppers... galore!!!

Whilst I've been busy potting up some Lavender.

Next week, I'm visiting somewhere rather special; somewhere that I love 

and haven't visited for quite some time! Years, in fact!!

Somewhere that begins with 'W' and ends with 'Y'

That's after taking part in another vintage extravaganza at

Hartley Wintney, this coming Saturday!

More about that, very soon!