Saturday, 15 September 2012

Something to debate! ;-)

'She should know better'
'She has no right to privacy now that she is a royal'
'She loves the publicity and did it deliberately!'


These are the sort of comments that are being made
in the aftermath of the photographs being published
in a French magazine.

Well, I disagree with all of those comments.

And what really gets me is that whilst everyone is saying that she should know better, that she gave up her rights to privacy when she married him etc, etc, they are forgetting one thing:
 The paparazzi … the scumbags, scheming, disgusting, lowlife.

It’s like, let’s focus on the victim not the perpetrator of the crime.
And let’s face it…look what they did to Diana.

I believe that the Royal Family do a fantastic job.
 They are in public view for 99% of the year. The young royals are doing an amazing job of getting the country behind them. Ok, you will always get those who are cynical (and sadly misinformed) and who would abolish the Royal Family. But on the whole, the majority of people in this country love them…and of course many other nationalities love them too! 
The Americans love them and would adopt them as their own,
 given half the chance!
 William and Kate are doing a great job! The way that they go about their work has to be applauded and admired.
That's what I think.
They are good adverts for our country but now some foolish
French person has decided to go ahead and tarnish that.

So, I say that they are a national treasure, they do so much for us and if they can’t have their holidays in complete privacy, then it is a pretty poor show.

The laugh is, that under French law ( said to be strict, apparently), the media have to get permission of the person before they publish.
However, recently, the law has been generally ignored 
and the fines are derisory.

What a joke!!!

(Why the hell we ever decided to jump into bed with the French when we joined the common market I’ll never know!)
But I digress...LOL!

I’m very glad that the Palace has decided to sue and I hope that
the decision will be made for any Royal not to visit France or Italy
(as it is rumoured that they will soon be publishing the photos in Italy)
 ever again. 
Stuff them and their apples, pasta and wine!! ;-) 

Idiot editors, who don’t think ahead and don’t think of the long term effects.
 Idiot paparazzi, who don’t think about the upset and grief
which their mindless acts cause…and much of which cannot be undone.
There is no thought for the feelings of others and the knock on effect.

It's all because of one thing...greed and selling magazines or papers.

One good thing is that the editors in this country appear to have seen sense (at the moment!) 
That’s probably got something to do with an enquiry called Leveson!!