Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tavistock Vintage Fair ;-)

We trundled across Dartmoor last Saturday, to take part in the Vintage Fair,

which was superbly organised by Sian!

Here's the evidence that an array of vintage was up for grabs:

And not forgetting the fabulous 'More Tea Vicar'...Avril's fabulous contribution

of edible goodies!!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Prams,toys,clocks,kiosks and a house move (what again?) ;-)

There are many pros and cons about being on Facebook!

Some people hate it, some people love it.

But every now and again, something comes along and you find

yourself glad to be in that place!

Someone has set up the most brilliant page, where people can submit

photos of Exeter...especially old photos!

I made many happy visits to The Exeter Pram and Toy Shop, with

Helen and Nich, in the early 1980s! 

It was always worth the walk to the top of the town!

And then the wander back down the street and along the 'old' Princesshay.

Looking at this photo, I find myself saying... 'Ah, I remember that!'

Taking this online stroll, I wonder to myself

'Is it really any better nowadays?'

Or maybe one shouldn't compare at all.

Above, looking towards the cathedral; below, looking

in the opposite direction.

And wait!

Who remembers...

Oh my goodness!! The old Boots clock and that kiosk!

It surely can't be so long ago?

How things change in such a short space of time!

Here it is once more, looking down on the scene:

And, oh my ... South Street!

I have to admit that at first glance, I thought it was Fore Street!

And here below, Queen Street.

I'm assuming the Rougemont Hotel (now The Thistle Hotel) is on the left and

 opposite is the entrance to the gardens.

Children playing at the bottom of Stepcote Hill...

you can almost hear their chatter.

Oh and what about this?

The moving of that famous house!


What a performance...what entertainment!

Such a feat!

I have to say that I am loving this journey into Exeter's past!

Here we are looking down the main street. To the right of the bus

would nowadays be Marks and Spencer.

But, of course, some things never change , even when they are so old!

Here, below is the oldest surviving, medieval, stone bridge in England!

This was the first stone bridge across the River Exe, completed in 1238.

In those days there would have been a number of buildings constructed

 on the bridge. And, still standing, is a rare example of a bridge church,

St Edmunds.

Here's a question for you!

Does anyone know the name of this famous TV series,

which was filmed at Exeter Quay, in 1976?

Peter Gilmore is in the photo!

It's all fascinating stuff!

And it's here:

A trip into Exeter's past...and it's all for free!