Thursday, 26 July 2012

I hate the British press! ;-(

Any excuse and it sticks the knife in and twists is as hard as it can in the process. 
Any chance to mock, ridicule or bring someone down, the British press is ready and waiting. 
Past masters! 
What really gets me is that the news is never balanced; doom, gloom and criticism are rife and if you don't watch it, you can find yourself adopting a negative stance and become swept along with the negativity of the day....every day! 

 And don't the British press just love it when things go slightly wrong?
 They are fine ones to talk, of course!
 Well enough is enough! 

 And so it is with huge enthusiasm, that I look forward to tomorrow evening, at 9am, 
when the eyes of the world will be on London and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. 

 I can't wait!
 We'll show the rest of the world, I know we will! 
 From all accounts, we're going to get a fantastic opening ceremony, 
a history lesson and an amazing spectacle! 

 Tomorrow evening, I am going to feel very proud to be British! 

 Good luck Team GB!

Monday, 23 July 2012

My news!

It's me, Meggy!

Just dropping in to say 'hello'!

As you can see, I am growing up fast!

Well...I've been hearing things...

Apparently, I am going to have a little brother or sister.

They think I don't know but I've heard them talking!!

So, I have to make the most of the time between now and the end of January! 

Now, I'm off to learn the word,