Friday, 6 July 2012

And now for something completely different! Ways With Words! ;-)

Making your way through the rather wet, yet nonetheless beautiful Devon lanes,

you breathe in the fresh air and give a huge sigh of relief. It’s as if you are

 entering a place where all stresses and strains of life are suddenly lifted from you.

You know that you are treading on top of the many footsteps of people who

have come before you: artists, creators, entertainers.  They’ve

 been fortunate to have been part of the history of Dartington;

each playing their part in making Dartington very unique indeed.

It’s magical. 

As you walk through the archway into the beautiful

courtyard, you can sense that this is one very special place. It oozes enthusiasm

for the arts and what’s more, the surroundings can only inspire. 

(You have Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst to thank for this. They laid out these

gorgeous gardens, back in the 1930s.)

The trees watch over you ; the luscious lawns invite you to stroll awhile;

the Great Hall beckons as if to say, ‘Come in, I've been expecting you!

You won’t be disappointed.’

You obey, but not until you’ve queued for a bit! Is it hardly any wonder?

 There’s a treat in store and although you’ve been to Ways With Words

 many times before, you just know that this will beat the lot!

Taking your place in the Great Hall, you sit and look around you.

The hall is becoming jam packed.  Along the benches at the side of the hall,

people are squashing in like sardines and you’re glad that you queued early.

Time to get the camera ready and negotiate your way

 between the many heads in front of you.  

He enters.

A huge applause begins the proceedings; a few quick camera flashes and then...

 he’s off ! 

  Michael Palin

He’s comedian, traveller, writer and entertainer extraordinaire!

You’ve waited a long time for this!

 He starts with his novel . It’s his second novel. It’s called ‘ the truth - a novel’.

You get a little taster of the characters and the plot; just enough to whet your

appetite so that you are surely going to rush and buy the book afterwards

 and then take it to him to sign, aren't you?! 

After this, you listen to some anecdotes of his travels.

This is fascinating stuff!  

His humour intertwines and you are so pleased to see that

he hasn’t lost that!  Naturally, he talks about ‘Python’ and how the name came

 about!  At this point, you really want to jump up and thank him for that ONE DAY in the whole

of your life where you arrived at school one morning and everyone in your sixth

form was doing ‘silly walks!!’  But of course, you don’t! You just sit and listen,

feeling privileged to be here.

The hour flies by.  Nooooo! You want it to last longer!

 Your head is buzzing as you grab your bag and coat and make

your way to the book signing area.  Giving him your book, you are almost lost for

words but manage to utter something like, ‘You’ve made our day!’

And he smiles and happily signs your new book, which you will treasure.


Ah!  Delightful Dartington!  

It reminds you of those lines from Shakespeare :

‘’All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and entrances’’

Way’s With Words is just that…people coming and going, the scene

forever changing... not just daily but yearly too!

After all,  this superb literary festival is in its 21st year!

As the brochure rightly says, it has come of age and who better than to help celebrate

and kick off Ways With Words 2012 !

You feel completely uplifted as you drive home, singing

‘Always look on the bright side of life’ and you chuckle to yourself as you

practise a very silly walk in the hallway (whilst no one is looking, naturally!)

Thank you , Michael Palin! 

You truly did make my day!


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dairy House Antiques ;--)

When we arrived at the Dairy House at around midday on Sunday, 

the 'goings ons' were in full swing and the place was alive with

a chatter... and background music !

And greeting us, in the lovely entrance, was an array

of gorgeous, garden goodies.

And greeting us inside, was Sue, who has made this

lovely Dairy House a joy to visit.

I've always wanted to visit the Dairy House having followed

Sue Meager's blog, since before she actually bought the Dairy House.

What a lovely place to work and to show off your wares!

So, if you were to ask me if there was plenty of choice for

a fine and very vintage, indoor and outdoor living...

I should say so! 

The outdoor exhibitors, on Sunday, had done the Dairy House proud!

I love the vintage garden look and this lot was 

'just up my street'...well let's face it, if it had been

I wouldn't have had to travel so far!

Imagine this lot up your street!!!

(And some of the plants are now actually in my street, as I did have a small spend!)


And inside was just as much a treat!

What I liked about The Dairy House was that it wasn't too cluttered and everything

was displayed well...a great deal of thought had obviously gone into this.

And so we spent a while just browsing and nattering, like you do!

It was also great to meet up with Trixie, who has a unit there

 and the lovely Woo, who is, from all accounts, a most able assistant.


If you wish to visit, which I think you ought, you can find all of the info here:

A great Sunday!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Swanning around!

We soon discovered, as we drove into Wells on Saturday evening,

that something was going on!

It was the sight of a rather large Swan, which greeted us as we entered the city,

that caught our interest.

Swans everywhere!!

What's going on?

On 2nd June, 60 Swans landed on the streets of Wells, to take part in a public

art sculpture trail around the city and surrounding area.

Why 60? 

Well, that's for each year of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

If you're lucky enough to visit Wells between now and September, 

you will not miss these things of beauty.

Sponsored by businesses, individuals and organisations

and decorated by teams of artists and craftspeople, the Swans are dotted

 all over the place. After gracing the streets of this lovely city for the summer,

they will then be rounded up and displayed at The Bishop's Palace

for a  'Swansong Auction Preview Weekend' on 15th and 16th September.

On 29th September, the 'Swansong Charity Auction' will take place.

All net profits will go to local charities.

So, you know where to go if you want something a little different for your garden! ;-)

Swans have been synonymous with Wells, for centuries.

They are a permanent feature of 13th Century The Bishop's Palace, 

which has been the home to the many Bishops of Bath and Wells, for over 800 years.

And the Swans of Wells, apparently, have a unique habit! 

They ring the bell by the palace drawbridge, to ask for food.

This all started 200 years ago, when the daughter of a Victorian bishop taught her

favourite swan to ring the gatehouse bell for scraps of food.

We managed to spot a few of the colourful variety

as we took our usual walk around the city.

I loved this one...'Up Before the Beak'

However, they were all lovely!

Wells is certainly well worth a visit.

It's an interesting city which we love to frequent 

We'll be back soon!

We still had more to fit into our Sunday.

We had a Dairy House to visit... and I don't mean cows and milking!

More next time!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Double Acts!!! ;-)

Mention famous double acts,
And many spring to mind!
Do a Google search and see 
How many you can find!

Bill and Ben, the flowerpot men,
Laurel and old Hardy,
Sausages and mash,
Coke... with Bacardi!

Shearer with Sheringham!
( Remember Ninety Six?)
Homes with Antiques
Mascara ...and lipsticks.

Socks go with shoes, 
Chair sits with table
Shirt with matching tie
And Cain goes with Abel.

Where would Ginger have been
If she didn't have her Fred?
And George simply needed
His woman called  Mildred.

Wise needed Morecombe,
Pinky needed Perky
French did well with Saunders
Shove the stuffing up that Turkey!

Mork teamed up with Mindy
Walters laughed with Wood
Paul went to bed with Sindy!
The poor loved Robin Hood!

But those pale into insignificance
When I mention a special pair
Who will go down in history..
With this rag and textile fair!

Cos ...Powell and Van Hasselt
Are the double act of the year!
So raise your glass to both of them
Give them a massive cheer!

They have stormed into the history books
Yes, these two will go far!
With their first class vintage fairs
Three cheers for The Vintage Bazaar!

And if you missed the Giant Rag Fair

Yesterday at Frome
Don't  despair ...the place was packed!
There wasn't any room

Just get yourself to Hampshire
In September... Wintney Hartley
That intrepid pair will be there
For another vintage party!

(Yes, I is really Hartley Wintney) ;-)

And at the Royal Palace,
'One' is in a tizz!
Not so much a mention,
Of Phillip and his Liz!!

Also...rumour has it,
That Charles is feeling iller
 Sal's Snippets did not mention
His other half, Camilla!

Double acts, ah double acts!
You find them everywhere,
But there's none so fine
As our Lizzie and our Clare!! ;-)

Well...that's the Giant Rag Fair
And after it was done,
We strolled over to Frome,
To have a bit more fun! ;-)

 Up St Catherine Hill
Sal, arm in arm with Terry,
Taking in the atmosphere
And being in no hurry.

Lesley, with her Paul
(But NOT the Paul who bedded Sindy!!)
Looking at this'n that,
Before it got too windy!

As we walked along the cobbles,
Picking out the vintage shops,
A real trip into the past,
Frome really is the tops!

After tea and cakes,
They headed off to Devon.
As for us...we stayed the night,
In a 'little piece of heaven.'

But more of that, another day.
I can manage no more rhyme
The footy is on; Spain have scored.
And I simply have no time!