Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh I do hate goodbyes!! And it's been a week of them !

Goodbye to all of my GCSE students who have finished their

English Language and Literature exams.

Now all we have to do is wait until August, for the


I have to admit that I'll be quite glad of the break 

from the GCSE work

 because, this time, I've been teaching 

two, different exam boards...and it's been incredibly, hard work.

New novels, new poems, new plays.


I'm off to the fair tomorrow! ;-)

That is, 'The Vintage and Handmade Fair' at Chipping Sodbury.

There'll be a definite Jubilee atmosphere and no end of vintage

goodies will be on offer, showing themselves off to their very best.

I'll be taking some lovely, vintage fabrics and handmade bits too.

Hope to see some of you there!


Monday, 21 May 2012

This has to be one of my favourite weeks in the gardening year!

The Chelsea Flower Show !

I will never forget the first time I walked into the main tent

and was greeted by the vivid colours of the Delphiniums

..stunning !

I will never forget the beautiful cottage garden displays 

in the outside gardens.

And I will never forget listening to the band, whilst they played

in the bandstand, in the early evening sun, as the show wound down for the day.

But that was some time ago and I don't live so close to be able to nip

up on a train after school, which is what I once was able to do.

So I have to make do with the TV coverage, which is always brilliant.

One thing is for sure...

I'd never win a medal for what's on offer in my garden, this year!!

Everything is soooo bloomin' late!!

This weekend we didn't go far!

We had a bit of a 'grand tidy up' in the garden.

Everything in our garden this year is very slow indeed!

(including me!)

Looking at photos from last year, I noticed that we had much more colour,

Lupins, Foxgloves and Poppies were in bloom, whereas this year

they really are taking their time to burst into bloom and excite me!

It all looks lovely and tidy come on colour!!

Oh and I've been left in charge of Nich's plot whilst he nips off to Venice, with Lizzie!

I'll be glad to hear that he has arrived back home as they had an earthquake

over there, yesterday!

We did a quick flit to downtown N.A. on Saturday morning.

I have to admit that I love my town of Newton Abbot.

It's thriving, it's busy and it's a pleasant place to have a wander.

And many of the shops are making the most of the

forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations

by entering into the spirit!

I'm now going to sit and watch my recorded Chelsea Flower Show programme.

And talking of Chelsea...well done to that blue team!

They didn't play the best football but they dug in and defended

throughout and even though I don't support them, I was 

rooting for them all the way.

For an English football team to go to Munich

and beat them in their own back yard was no easy task.

Plus, they didn't play dirty.

So credit where credit is due, as they say!! ;-)

I also enjoyed watching York v Luton!! LOL;-)

I was backing York, simply because that places them in the same

league as Torquay (who failed miserably in the play offs this year but hey ho

'it's only a game' as that famous man once said!)

and so I can feel a trip to York coming on and who knows it might

 again coincide with the York v Torquay fixture.

Well, that's my plan!

Mind you, as I've been telling my students

this past week...

''The best laid plans of mice and men,

gang aft agley' !!!

Finally, we had a little visitor at the weekend!


Oh my, she is growing up!! ;-)