Thursday, 17 May 2012

Oh I say...

I don't know how old he is but last week he came to stay at our house!

I found him in the doorway of a shop in Newton Abbot, with a price tag on him.

The strange thing is that this particular shop was one of those cheap,

 linen shops and so he didn't really fit in. 

That's probably why he was shoved outside...

or maybe he was just trying to escape.

At first, we all walked by and I just happened to catch a glimpse

of him, out of the corner of my eye.

''Hey, Nich,  wait...did you see that?'

''No, see what?''

''Come back and look!''

''Oooh, I say, he's rather fine!''

'He's been in my garden shed for quite a long time,'' uttered the shop owner.

We handed over the money and carried him along the main street of

Newton Abbot.  

At first he was nicknamed, 'Carruthers'  but then Nich thought that was rather

more a rugby the jury is still out on the name.

We do, however, think he resembles a Southampton 

footballer and we do rather like him!

At the moment he is kicking about in our hallway but I think

 Nich has plans to site him in his garden, possibly with a rather

grand, garden gnome to keep him company!

Let's hope the two of them are very happy! ;-)

The things you stumble across, eh?