Thursday, 29 March 2012

Frank Newbould

Well...what can you say about this?

I stumbled across this beautiful railway poster print, recently,

as I was researching one of the railway poster artists.

I'm not sure of the artist but I think it sums up Devon !

I also came across this, which is believed to be the original work

of artist Frank Newbould.

He must have spent some fine old times in Devon!

I suppose, being born in Bradford, what better way to

escape the place and become a railway poster artist!


Frank Newbould was born on 24th September 1887.

The son of a chemist, he studied at Bradford College of Art.

You can also find reproductions of many of his posters in the

London Transport Museum shop.

In 1942 Newbould joined the War Office, where he produced eleven posters,

including four for the ‘Your Britain, Fight for it Now’, in the tradition of ‘this England’,

the peacetime English scene, for which he had been famous with his travel posters.

And , just by chance, I happened to spot this print

'The Good Shopper'

in 'Homes and Antiques' magazine, last week.

Delightful eh? ;-)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rav4 lover!! ;-)

It was ten years ago we bought a new car ...a RAV 4.

A very nice man called Bob Gregg, who worked at Highweek Garage,

imported this car for me.

I'd owned two Ravs previously and had loved

driving them both.

I can remember the day we went to fetch it and Bob opened the garage door

to reveal it.

And what a buy it has turned out to be!

It's been reliable and it does as it's told (heaps better than a husband!!)


My Rav4 has gone to a new home!!!

I have to admit that I was a little sad because I'd become rather attached to it...

but compared to the happiness it has given

to these lovely people, Helen and Ben...well...

So it's stayed in the family!

Oh and not forgetting...the beautiful Meggy, who can now travel in

a little more style! ;-)

As for might well ask!

I wasn't feeling too great last week and so I left Mr S to pootle off to

Ivybridge without me, where he looked at and subsequently bought for me a...

Rav 4... number 4!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Next week I will announce the winner of my last giveaway.

Meanwhile...don't forget that if you are anywhere near Totnes

this Saturday, then the fabulous 'NOSTALGIC MIX FAIR'

is taking place in the Civic Hall.

Hope to see some of you there!