Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birthday...and things! ;-)

Meggy is now on her feet! She's not quite walking

...but it won't be long!!

She was my cutest present on Sunday...

...along with...

Red Tulips and a Roberts radio from Mr S.... actually an early present

as I've had the radio for a few weeks!

Helen gave me these two books, a hand

made card and some carnations.

Nich gave me a beautiful framed poster from the London Transport Museum,

a diary (an early present in Jan), some daffodils

and a card entitled, 'Before the Match'.

Lizzie, Nich's lovely girlfriend, gave me a beautiful scarf,

a tiled box, some pretty coasters and a lovely card, '.

I especially loved the card, the theme being,

'Vintage Textiles'

My sister gave me a bag of goodies...

some colourful doyleys , an Orla Kiely room spray,

some very pretty waxed dishes , cake cases,

some roses with carnations

and a pretty card, 'Lady of the Allotment'.

And if that wasn't enough, I had some money to spend, from my mum and dad!


Talking of cards...

Helen's ' little creations' are multiplying!

Meanwhile..I'm all packed and ready...

I'll be at the Tavistock Vintage and Textile Fair on Saturday!

It's going to be a good one!!

Hope to see some of you there!


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Canada... and a lovely book!

I was in the kitchen, last night, minding my own business and getting on with tidying up

when Nich comes in from work.

'I've got something for you,' he says.

And he presented me with a book!

Now, I love the way that Nich writes!

In fact he is in the middle of studying a journalism course

and taking his journalism exams so

how he has found the time to write a book, go to work and also study,

I will never know!

Anyway...last May, off he went to Canada...

Last May, I followed Nich's journey on the map and also via his text

messages and emails as he travelled around Canada!

Now to sit down and have a very, long read!