Friday, 21 October 2011

Me and Stanley Gibbons! ;-)

I came across my old stamp album, a few days ago!

When I was quite young, stamp collecting was one of my hobbies!

Stanley Gibbons was a permanent feature in my bedroom!! ;-)

I would frequently go to the library and stagger home with him!

(i.e. that famous stamp collecting catalogue) then thumb through in the hope

that I'd found a rare stamp!

I had all the 'gear'...the stamp hinges, tweezers etc etc!

And I rather enjoyed this hobby for a few years of my young life.

Oddly, enough,what should I read in the Daily Telegraph , recently?

I think it's quite sad that stamp collecting is on the decline

as I know that through my own stamp collecting,

I certainly became more knowledgable

in geography....

...and, of course, the history of my own country.

I notice that this one is in mint condition!... (it's not worth much though!)

And I loved all those triangular stamps!

I particularly like these...

And then, quite suddenly, my stamp collecting came to a halt!

I think I got to that age where boyfriends got in the way!!

And that was the end of my lickin' and stickin'!! ;-)

I wonder...did any of you ever collect stamps ?