Saturday, 17 September 2011

Darting about!! ;-) we go...

And now read on!

Today, we cruised down the A38 to Buckfastleigh.

We had planned to go further afield...but...

...we have put those plans on the back burner for another time! ;-(


Here we are at, 'The South Devon Railway'.

And here you can board the steam train and enjoy

a rather scenic, thirty minute ride, by the River Dart, to Totnes.

We didn't board the train today but had a wander around the site.

The trip began badly... and I hate to criticise but I certainly wouldn't recommend

having coffee here.

We lost the will to live!

The service was slow; no-one seemed to know where they were queuing

and the only good thing about the cafe, was the wall mural.

I think they could do so much more with this restaurant.

All it needs is someone with an imagination!

In fact, although I enjoyed a potter around the whole site, I truly believe that

someone needs to take this place by the scruff of the neck

and do a whole lot more with it...

bearing in mind that vintage is the flavour! ;-)

It could be fabulous ...but it isn't!

Having said that, there is plenty here to give the children a great

educational trip...if it is planned properly!

I soon put on my teacher's hat and found myself planning such a project!!

There's a small museum on the site...

not very well signposted, in my opinion... as we had to search for it!

Splashes of colour lifted my spirits somewhat!

Sadly, I couldn't spot any vintage railway posters anywhere, apart from

one framed picture of...Cornwall!

I ask you!!! ;-)

Don't get me wrong, it's worth a visit if you do the steam train ride as well...

but, in my opinion, it could be oh so much better!

We had more to do and off we went...onwards to ...


Calling in briefly at the Dartington Cider Press Centre,

we soon found ourselves in the toyshop!!

I wonder why?!;-)

Here is one of us getting into Grandad mode!!

We now have something in our house which we haven't had for years...

a small box of toys for when Meggy comes visiting!

That done, Mr S fixed his sensible head firmly back on to

his neck and off we drove to...


I love Dartmouth but it is a nightmare to park in the summer!

Of course, if you prefer alternative travel, you can catch the steam train

from Paignton to Kingswear and then get on the lower ferry, across to Dartmouth.

There are two ferries: the higher ferry and the lower ferry.

Monday, 12 September 2011

A little 'jewel' in Torquay

Situated about a mile from Torquay sea front is the delightful village of Cockington.

It's a place where thatch is the order of the day

not to mention the clip clop of the horse and cart.

The gardens, everywhere, are little treasures.

(Although...someone does need spelling lessons!!)

We had a very pleasant lunch at ' The Drum', which was almost deserted!

That done, we took a wander around this lovely environment.

The rose garden was past its best but there were still one or two snippets of beauty.

And the church bells were ringing to celebrate a wedding.

The trees here are beautiful too.

I always take a fancy to living in this gorgeous house!

This stunning clump of Rudbeckia caught my eye!

And unlike in our garden, the palms here have survived the harsh winter.

We certainly enjoy our once a year visit to Cockington !

It's Torbay's little 'jewel' and well worth a visit.