Thursday, 21 July 2011

Snapped before I wrapped! ;-)

Brian Cook's illustrations, from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s,
are iconic. They showcase British life and landscape...quintessential images
of Britain, its villages, castles, churches, cottages and countryside.
No-one can fail to marvel at such beauty!

Certainly, I love this book and of course, when I am in a bookshop,
I often browse the original Batsford books,
with those memorable, dust jackets!
They have become hugely collectable because they depict Britain
at its best...timeless beauty!

And so..I bought this book ...but not for me!
It was a present for someone ! ;-)

Here are a few of the pictures...snapped before I wrapped !

A village scene from 'How to look at buildings'


'The Old Inns of England'


Worcester Cathedral


A Norfolk Windmill


The English Cottage


Ploughing scene from the cover of Heidelberg magazine


Cirencester ...from the 'Old Towns of England'




Farming England 1937


The Seas and Shores of England


The Spirit of London




Ancient England


Lancashire and the Pennines


Wolbarrow Bay, Dorset


Eilean Donan Castle,Scotland


Fishing village, Crail ,Fife


The Land of Wales


The Face of Wales


Devonshire coast




Shakespeare Country


I hope that the recipient enjoys looking through this book as much as I have!

And if you wish to's here:

And you can also purchase these notebooks, which Batsford have now produced...

Or, of course, simply search for the 'real thing' , which is what I love to do!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

RHS Garden Rosemoor !

Do join me in a lovely walk around my garden...LOL..I wish!!

Today, we went to RHS Garden Rosemoor.

I loved this small greenhouse which houses these

beautiful alpines and succulents.

Come with me...

Here, above, is my favourite ' snap of the day!'

Spot the bee going about its business...or buzziness!

A host of Hostas!

Come on, keep up with us ! ;-)

Mr S...somewhat worse the wear after a few drinks in Exeter yesterday!

Nuff said about that!

LOL ;-)

He hasn't gone far since we last visited, has he?!

Fans... and fabulous Sunflowers!

We always walk to Lady Anne's house .

Lady Anne gave the Rosemoor estate to the RHS in 1988.

If you wish to read more about's the history :

And if you come to Devon, the visit to Rosemoor is a must!

These gardens are stunning!

We always end up at the plant centre,where I noticed a little bit

of vintage creeping in.

What a fabulous day!

That wasn't quite all of it, though!

Devon County Antiques had a little show going on in the marquee.

Donna was there with her lovely mum and fab fabrics.

And there was a selection of further vintage goodies on offer.

Plus a small display of vintage machinery

All in all a lovely day and the weather was kind to us too!

Hope your weekend was a good one!