Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In charge...for a month!! ;-)

'Round the back is part of our garden not normally featured on this blog!!

It's a small area, where birdsong reigns; it's a most

secluded and peaceful spot.

Not long after we moved here, we put a patio door in the back bedroom...

making it more light and airy for the then student!

And then the 'gardening bug' took over in this little area!

The piece of garden, which had been simply laid to lawn,

suddenly came to life!!!

The gardener moved in and took over the land!

Little 'unique' things kept appearing... and gradually

this small plot took on a character of its own!

Last year this plot yielded some fine crops!!

Well...I've been left in charge of all this for a month whilst the said

gardener has gone travelling!!

The text last night went something like this:

'' I'm wandering Ottawa. They are in the middle of Tulipfest...

How's my garden, Mum?''

So, I went about my duties this morning, making sure that all was ok.

And I suddenly this is all so lovely!

So I grabbed my camera.

Tulipfest it might not be...but it all looks luscious in spite of the lack of rain!

Don't worry Nich...the....

doin' fine!

And in capable hands and being well nurtured...methinks!!

I might need to do a bit of weeding soonish!

Phew..what a responsibility!

So there you have it...Nich's plot.

Don't you just love it? I do!