Sunday, 16 January 2011

Precious memories ;-)

If you're a mum, you probably have some kind of baby book or baby record
in which you've kept your precious memories .
I know I had baby books for my children.
I must look them out!
Locks of hair, first teeth, first steps, first word..those all important
milestones of your little darlings! ;-)

This week, I've had a some time to be with my mum and you do!

And I just happened to ask her about her brothers and sisters.

Lo and behold, she disappeared for a few minutes ...and returned with

this Baby Record.

It dates from 1924 ...or even earlier.

My Grandma either bought this book or maybe it was given to her.
She's written the details of not only her first born but
each baby thereafter..and there were plenty of them!
Nine to be exact!

My Grandma had nine children!

Sadly , two died very young and then her youngest child died of polio when she was

only twelve years old.

That must have been heartbreaking.

Anyway, this is indeed a cute little book !

The artist's signature appears on each page

C M Burd

I need to investigate further but

I think C.M Burd was quite a famous children's


Maybe someone knows more about her?!

It's always nice to discover a little bit of family history!