Friday, 24 December 2010

Just dropping by to wish you all a very Happy Christmas, from the Snippets house!

xxx ;-)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Off to Thrush Green!!

If you love reading and you want an escape into idyllic, village life,
then you can't do much better than to pick up a book by
'Miss Read'.

I've just finished reading, ' Christmas at Fairacre ' , an omnibus which includes
''No Holly for Miss Quinn'' ; ''Christmas at Fairacre School'' and
''The Christmas Mouse''

And... I have many more lined up!

I've read these books time and time again !
They come in a variety of forms but the best ones are the lovely, older
hardback versions, with beautiful illustrations by the late
John S Goodall.
He was the most fabulous artist and illustrator
who produced books such as these:

Simply gorgeous!

You can read about him here:

Miss Read and John S Goodall ...what a combination!

Enchanting stories and most charming illustrations.

There's quite a choice as you'll see from the lists here:

And if you want a 'taster' paperback set for £'s the place to buy them:

And now, I am off on a little journey to Thrush Green...and do you know,

my luck is's Christmas there as well!!

Happy reading!